9 ways to find leads and customers on LinkedIn

Develop a Killer Profile

Nothing will help you more than having a killer profile on this social media platform. After all, whether prospects visit your page is the first thing they are going to come against. Start by telling an interesting story. It should enumerate your services, business history, experience, and qualifications. Presence of a smiling face in the profile picture generates trust. People don’t want to do business with a nameless faceless entity. Contact information should be presented clearly. You may also want to add a video complete with a warm welcome message to rope in new customers.

State Your Purpose

Why are you creating a profile on this platform? Of course, your aim is to go for full-throttle LinkedIn marketing. So let your target customers know this fact from the word go! Mention the same on your profile page clearly. People with the right connections may land on your page and help you network with people to aid your requirement.

Also, do not forget to use your existing connections to generate new leads. Professional network on this platform becomes simple as it allows businesses and professional people to recommend or endorse connections. This, in turn, brings new engagement your way.

Go for Regular Updates

Your business doesn’t remain same constantly so make sure to add-on regular updates as and when they happen. This way, your organization remains relevant and viable on LinkedIn. The main purpose of updates is professional engagement and this attracts leads and customers. Regular posts are another part of updates but refrain from doing it too frequently, as prolific posts remain hidden or are filtered from the audience’s feed.

Use LinkedIn Answers

Do not ignore the under-utilized yet highly useful LinkedIn Answers tool for finding leads and customers on the site. Here you can answer the question posed regarding your business and gain customer loyalty in the process.

Mobile Application

Using the mobile app of LinkedIn proves to be a successful lead generator especially when you are attending a marketing event or a trade show. This is an ideal tool to go for 1 to 1 interaction. Download it for, FREE from the site to your Smartphone and then use your phone to make light contact with others in your vicinity. This transfers the contact information of your company to those interested instantly without Bluetooth connections.

Discussions are Good

Another important part of successful LinkedIn marketing is a discussion between like-minded individuals. Ideally, you should connect with a group that seems similar to your business interests. These act as islands of social media allowing intimate connections. Through them, you will be able to join additional networks and find leads and customers aplenty.

Do not Ignore Newsfeeds

Get news related to new connections through newsfeeds. Seek an introduction without hesitation if some connection seems to interest you. However, simply doing this will not help because you will need to keep them fresh otherwise, they will go cold.

Search Database for General Leads

LinkedIn InMail and Introduction feature help you to find people from 1st-degree connections for determining potential 3rd-degree connections and send sales proposals. LinkedIn provides five introduction messages for any LinkedIn users. Once you reach the maximum messaging limit from your free account; you need to upgrade your account as a premium user to send a direct message or InMail to your prospective 3rd-degree connections.

Take Help from Google

Optimize the benefits associated with LinkedIn marketing using Google search engine rankings. You can optimize the content presented on social media for attracting attention through search engine searches. Keyword tools related to Google will help you to choose the best ones for your company. Use them strategically for the right exposure and finding the desired leads and customers.

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