How Link Building and Content Marketing Work Together?

Link Building and Content Marketing

Why Links Are Still Relevant?

In spite of all the changes in Google policy and the strict rules, one cannot announce the demise of links yet. They still have their relevant place when it comes to search engine rankings and providing the right exposure to web pages. Unless Google removes this metric completely or at least downgrades it, one cannot ignore the relevancy of LINKS.

Here Are Some Reasons to Keep on Using Them.

  • They provide the strongest signals to Google regarding site or content importance
  • They help increase your site’s search visibility
  • Immensely powerful, core of search algorithm of Google
  • It supercharges the effects of Content Marketing
  • Do it even in the absence of great content to improve site rankings

How to Approach Any Link-Building Project?

To get the best results from link-building projects, you need to get your approach right. Treading carefully is most important, especially when third-party providers are involved. Provide value through both target and source sites, implement tight parameters, and ensure best link juice sourced from the best quality sites.

Which links are ideal? You can use link analysis tools to make the right choices. Nowadays, many are available, but be ready to pay money for them as these are not free. Analysis tools rank the sites based on the quality of associated links. When selecting links, be aware of three things above everything else,

  1. Link Quality: Use link Analysis Tool for this
  2. Link Quantity: More the spread across site’s pages better it is
  3. Link Source: Spread links across varied channels as Social Media, Blogs, & News

How Both Link Building and Content Marketing Work Together

As mentioned elsewhere, link building and content marketing are the two sides of the same coin. Both of them can work in tandem to ensure the best results for your SEO. One can consider these as a continuum. You could always optimize specifically for one or other, but combining both offer tons of advantages.

Every SEO strategist requires linkable assets for building effective links. It is quite easy to find such assets through successful Content Marketing. This leads to EFFICIENT, EASY, and ORGANIC link building. Similarly, to find success with content marketing you require effective links that can give it the visibility it requires.

So, link building will achieve this purpose by lending to your content both EXPOSURE and VALUE. As you can see, both these fantastic SEO concepts are never at odds except in your mind!

Realistic Link Building Strategies

The link-building world has evolved much from the days when few directory submissions, dropping comment links, some paid links, followed by ranking for keywords was enough. Stakes of the game for SEO specialists have gone up TODAY! But Where There Is a Will There Is a Way!

So, here are some realistic link building strategies that work while remaining on the right side of Google!

  • Build relationships with the sites with relevant & reliable links. Remember, it works both ways, so, give some value to get some.
  • Get creative through Infographics or Case Study submissions, Guest Postings, industry-related generic posts.
  • Analyze competitor’s links with backlink software for identification of link targets.
  • Completely ignore directory sites, advertorial links, blog networks, links from a blog comment, forum profile and comment, as these links don’t bring the desired strength.

Link Building and Content Marketing work very well together, but each also has a separate entity. Keep this in mind and strategize accordingly to get the best results from your SEO endeavours.

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