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Android N officially named as ‘Nougat’

Google has first introduced Android N earlier this year. Since Android 1.5, Google follows a unique tradition of naming the latest mobile operating system after a sweet food. It was the first time when Google has asked public to suggest the name for the Android system. Google has asked people to vote for their favorite name for Android N in company’s I/O 2016 developer conference. Millions of users have voted for their favorite name. ‘Nutella’ was among the most favorite among the online community. But, Google has decided to name the latest version of the Android Mobile Operating System ‘Nougat’.

Google has used Snapchat for the first time to reveal the news along with the other platforms on Thursday. Google has also unveiled the Android Nougat Statue at the company headquarter in Mountain View, California. The company has also shared the news in the several Twitter Messages tagging #AndroidNougat.

Google has first introduced Android N in the March this year. It has also get frequent subsequent releases in April, May and June. Google has pushed out the final SDK for the developers that let them upgrade the apps to work seamlessly with the latest mobile OS update. Frequent updates in the developer preview make the Android Nougat most stable mobile operating system till the date. Android Nougat is featured with some advanced features like improved notification shade, split-screen multitasking, new data saver mode, support for Daydream and Google’s new VR platform.

Following is the list of all Android Operating Systems used till the date.

Google has not yet revealed the version number and the actual release date of the Android Nougat. It will be available for the users by the end of this summer.


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