15 Best Photoshop Plugins For Designers [Must Have Plugins]

Best Photoshop Plugins for Designers

There is no doubt about the capabilities of Adobe Photoshop CC. This image editing software application is fitted with various useful features enabling the users to easily apply a diverse array of effects for engaging and consistent results. However, Adobe Photoshop CC has its limitations despite having outstanding features. In this scenario, you may use the best free Photoshop plugins to avail the features or capabilities that are unavailable through Adobe Photoshop. You may use the following plugins if your business or work depends upon having access to a wide range of effects.

ON1 Effects

ON1 Effects- Photoshop Plugin

With ON1 Effects, you can easily create an HDR effect on Photoshop without requiring the complex steps. This one-click panel on Photoshop may even work as a standalone app and works as a useful alternative to the collection of graphic design software solutions of Adobe. This plugin contains a diverse array of filters and enables you to add outstanding effects to the images. This plug-in also enables you to include adjustable contrasts to the images.

Pexels Photoshop Plugin

Pexels Photoshop Plugin

The designers may need a large stock of and diverse collection of royalty-free images to add textures, to enhance the background or to experiment when creating something unique for the clients. You can get access to a diverse collection of free stock images through Pexels.com. The Pexels Photoshop plugin enables you to access the photo library without requiring you to download the selected or preferred images or to open any new window.

Fontself Maker for Photoshop CC

Fontself Maker for Photoshop CC

This Photoshop font plugin lets the designers or the clients choose a unique typeface for a project. The Fontself Maker for Photoshop CC plugin is excellent for the designers who want to create a font-style according to their unique preferences or unique requirements of their clients. IT works with the Illustrator CC as efficient as the Photoshop. This plug-in allows the designers to convert the lettering into OpenType fonts and is fitted with the drag-and-drop layers.

Nik Collection

Nik Collection - PhotoShop Plugin

It is one of the must-have Photoshop plugins in today’s design industry. It is fitted with seven feature-rich Photoshop and Lightroom plugins that work independently. DxO is the current owner of Nik Collection. It includes the collection of following Photoshop plug-ins.

  • Viveza
  • Color Efex Pro
  • HDR Efex Pro
  • Dfine
  • Analog Efex Pro
  • Silver Efex Pro
  • Sharpener Pro

Size Marks PS

Size Mark - Photoshop Plugin

Size Marks is a useful Photoshop script that benefits both front-end engineers and web designers. Using this script, you can convert the landscape marquee in the horizontal mark, the rectangular marquee into labelled measurement mark and portrait/square marquee into the vertical mark.

Layrs Control 2

Lyrs Control 2 - Photoshop Plugin

The layers play a vital role in the designing process using Photoshop. However, it may become difficult for a web-designer to organize the layers in order if he/she creates multiple layers. The Layrs Control 2 plug-in enables you to easily organize and manage the layers through a chain of actions. You may access these actions through a simple panel. The following features are available through this plug-in and can greatly improve your efficiency.

  • Flattening of layers
  • Layering name editor
  • Rasterize the smart objects
  • Deleting the empty layers
  • Removing the unused effects
  • Finding similar folders/files
  • Converting the smart objects


CSS3Ps - Photoshop Plugin

This feature-rich Photoshop CSS plugin is ideal for web-developers. Using this plugin, the web-developers can translate each Photoshop layer into the CSS code. Alongside offering the basic feature, the CSS3Ps plug-in also has the ability to provide SASS and SCSS codes. It also improves the efficiency of the web developers, as they can work faster even when handling complicated designs.

Other than Adobe Photoshop, there is availability of UI UX Design Tools which will help you incorporate variety of effects in your designs

Font Awesome PS

Font Awesome Ps - Photoshop Plugin

Utilizing the power of CSS, this plugin gives scalable vector icons to the web-designers letting them customized the colour, size, drop-shadow and other features of the image files. Font Awesome PS brings all the vector icons inside a user-friendly Photoshop panel which is an additional benefit.

Long Shadow Generator 2

Long Shadow Generator - Photoshop Plugin

Adding long-shadow effects to the images is a popular practice in online designing. This free plugin enables the web-designers to effortlessly create the long-shadow effects in a single click using easily manoeuvrable tools. This plugin is compatible with Photoshop CC and CS6.


GuideGuide Photoshop Plugin

Using this plugin, you can create custom guides and grids depending upon a project’s selected part or upon an entire project. You may use the ‘grid notation’ to adjust the margins or to create the tables. GuideGuide can calculate the majority of the dimensions when developing the grids. You may save the creations as Sets/templates and may use them in the future. It is possible to create a grid inside a grid using this plugin with one click of the mouse.


Swatchy Photoshop Plugin

This useful plugin makes it possible for the web-designers to correctly organize the colour swatches into folders. It enables you to save the colours that you commonly use or have a preview of such colours. You may even use Swatchy to easily access the colour schemes. It works on Windows and OS-X.

Random User Generator

Random User Generator - Photoshop Plugin

This free Photoshop extension enables the designers to create random user profiles with one click. It also gives you the opportunity to effortlessly drag and drop the random users into the PSD files. This useful Photoshop plugin functions through the RandomUser API.


Composer Photoshop Plugin

This powerful plugin enables the web-designers to simultaneously perform a similar operation on multiple layers. It enables you to edit/update/manage multiple layers with just one click. You may use this plugin to change a design layer, such as changing its position or visibility, without affecting other design layers. The web experts may use a few commands, such as Update Position, Update Layer Style, Update Visibility or Update All when changing the layers.


Ink Photoshop Plugin

This is one of the popular Photoshop plugins for the designer. The web-designers may use the Ink to create user interfaces or useful mockups making it possible for the web developers to understand the design elements within the coding framework. The web-designers may use this plugin to generate layer styles, text formatting or dimensions. Hence, it becomes easier for the web-designers to communicate their designs using this plugin which is essential if a designer wants a web-developer to accurately interpret the design.

Fluid Mask 3

Fluid Mask Photoshop Plugin

The web-designers may use this Photoshop plugin to remove an image file’s background or for cutouts. Masking is a difficult process which is used to make one part of a design-layer invisible. Using Fluid Mask 3, you can easily perform this delicate process and can have a clean and flawless mask. It can simplify the complicated tasks, such as masking the fur/hair. This plugin also has the capacity to blend the design layers or to detect the edges.


With the availability of numerous graphic design plugins, the top branding agencies are not limited to using only the Photoshop tools for creating effective visual presence. The aforementioned plugins enable the web-experts to easily perform an array of tasks and to create desired effects according to the varying requirements of the clients. But for sure these Photoshop Plugins can increase the efficiency and productivity of any web-designer whilst ensure the best result with advanced features.

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