Confused What to Select – Template or Custom Web Design? Know the Facts

ready-made template vs custom web design

When selecting the right process and tools to promote your online business, there are several options available. The most popular one is developing a website with attractive design. Whether a custom web design or a template which one to select for your website design? It may confuse you! Selecting the right design for your needs is widely determined by the functionalities that you seek. What you want from your website?

There could ideally be two deciding factors that may influence your decision of selecting a custom website design and a template. It could be your budget and the branding or marketing goals of your business.

What is the Objective of your Website?

Prior to coming to a decision about selecting the right website design you must understand and review the goals of your business website. When a potential customer visits your website with a straightforward objective, what you expect your visitor to do? Will you ask them to fill up a form or contact you on email or through the phone?

You need to determine what you want your customers to do irrespective of your business goals. It will enable your web design agency or professional to understand how to design and build your website and what type of features and functionalities are required to make the potential customers do what is expected.

What is Template Web Design?

In case you do not want any personalized and custom features in your business website your best bet is template based website design. Using a web design template means you can build your website selecting any of the already available templates for designing websites.

But the most crucial drawback with such templates that many users faced is these are duplicate templates and are not original or unique. It may not be that attractive and feature-rich and may bother several businesses, although not all the businesses. It may create a credibility concern as you might have shared the same template which many other businesses would have been using. It may put your credibility at stake.

There might be thousands of online businesses that might have the same template as yours.  Yet another drawback with template design is it may not offer your company any added functionalities which you may otherwise get when you opt for custom website design. In template design, you have to be satisfied with only those types of feature and functionalities that are already there inbuilt. You cannot add anything new or modify the existing features. If your business warrants more advanced features opting for custom design would be your cup of tea and better forget about the template part.

What Benefits of Custom Web Design Brings on Table?

A custom website design will give you the opportunity to modify and edit the design and features of your website design as many times as you want and you have complete control over how your website should look like. These types of website designs have been created for you and your business considering the dynamism of everyday business and will help you unleash the possibilities to explore and add or remove as many features and functionalities as you may wish. There is no limit to custom web design when it comes to innovation, features, and functionalities.

Why Select a Custom Web Design?
  • This design enables you to establish and flourish your branding activities.
  • You can opt for many custom solutions in addition to your design, like website maintenance etc.
  • It could be a great idea if you’re looking for a custom e-commerce solution to sell your products and services to your target audiences.
  • It provides a custom login dashboard for your customer accounts.

Irrespective of the options you choose – custom web design or template design, we, at KrishaWeb Technologies, help you selecting the most appealing and cost-effective custom web design or a template design suiting your business needs. We are a web design agency having a talented team of developers and project managers with an expertise to create a result-oriented business website that will help you accomplish your objectives.

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