Wondering about the budget of your website? Options are many!

When you plan to build online presence of your business and search for web designing services India and developers you will come to know that each one of them will have varying rates.

Let’s have an overview of all types of websites that you may wish to build and their varying costs.

Free Website

This type of websites comes within the territory of do-it-yourself. There are several websites like Weebly, Squarespace etc. that provide free website services. You can add images, videos, contents and text into the already available templates and tweak the formatting of your website pages. These solutions are also considered as mobile web builder or WYSIWYG content management systems. It may also have the premium customization options that you can use being a small business and can use it to make your website more effective and feature-rich. This premium option may cost you few bucks to add additional features to your business website.

Website Within $1000

If you have a budget of up to $1000, you may get better and quality websites some more features that will boost your business better. You must be equally cautious as well as you end up having a product that is not up to the mark. There is a huge crowd of inexperienced freelancers and agencies outsourcing such services and may charge you within your budget but may not provide the high-end website. So beware and do not forget to cross check the authenticity and credibility of the hired company.

Website Cost between $1000 – $3000

When you are ready to shell out this amount of money, you find more experienced and professional developers / freelancers at this level or smaller web design firms as well. In this cost, you can get a template-driven website in two segments of deliverables – for design and for development. You may get your website in few drafts like drafts of your website’s pages. Most probably, the developers or the agency would implement responsive design, create mock-ups of your website’s pages for a tablet, mobile, and desktop. Although the agency would change their time for the same, but it may also be reflected in the durations they spent on the methodology behind delivering a website of quality which you can use as your own.

Website Cost between $3,000 – $7,500

This bracket of investment would ideally be playing in the big leagues. You can hire expert freelancers who know their worth or reputable web design companies. If you buy as per your need rather than your wallet, you’ll surely have a highly to completely tailor made template-based website. You may get various deliverables during the design and development process and your account would be maintained in their accounts department for easy communication with you. Most of the time, the hired companies in this budget are mostly focused on your business needs and project quality rather putting your product through the same stereotype process that they use to complete the projects of their other clients.

Crossing $10,000+

This price tag would earn you websites crafted and developed by medium to big development agencies. You can expect a holistic strategy that will help your website the single point of the complete purchasing process. You can get a totally responsive and customized website, focused to your brand. You will have a discussion with a project manager or a creative director, in addition to the entire team of designers, developers, and content writers who are involved to your project.

So, have a look at your budget, and get a fair idea what actually you would get on spending what budget. It is always advisable to start with free and progress as your business grows!

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