Differences between the UI and UX Designs, Expectations vs. Reality

the UI and UX Designs, Expectations vs. Reality

The UI and UX designs work hand-in-hand in order to deliver a delightful experience to the users. Hence, it becomes difficult for many individuals to understand the difference between UI/UX design.

  • Simply, the UI design determines the appearance of every feature on a website. Hence, a UI designer is responsible for a website’s presentation to the viewers.
  • The UX stands for user experience. Hence, the UX design determines how each feature works on a website. It is the process of researching, developing and perfecting all the aspects of a user’s interaction with a business. Through this process, the UX designers make sure that an online business website is able to fulfill the users’ requirements as per current UX design trends 2019.
  • The UX designers also make sure that the users find value when interacting with a company’s services/products.

Overview of UI & UX Designs

UI Design

UI Design

The User Interface (UI) design is a combination of the following features.

  • Content: Documents/texts/images/videos
  • Form: Buttons/labels/text-fields/check-boxes/drop-down lists/graphic design
  • Behavior: What happens when someone clicks/drags/types something

It is essential for a UI designer to have excellent observation and years of experience in order to create a user interface that is engaging and capable of emotionally connecting to the users. The responsibility of a UI designer is not just limited to picking some logos or pictures. These designers can determine how everything aligns on a page with respect to one another. The UI design covers everything present on a screen along with the visually interactive touch-points that a user moves through when navigating from one point to another, such as tapping a button, swapping through images or scrolling down a page. It is crucial to remember three important points in order to create a pleasant user-interface (UI) design.

  • It is the basic human nature to visualize the biggest/brightest/boldest images or texts before anything else. A UI designer may use this behavior to create a unique experience for the users.
  • It is equally important for UI designers to minimize the number of alignment lines. It improves the readability of the texts whilst making a design appear more pleasant to the users.
  • The UI designers are supposed to guide a user’s attention towards the important features. Hence, it is crucial for a UI designer to pay attention to the small details of a design.
  • A designer has to consider the size/font/color/tones/typeface of the texts when designing.
  • It is equally essential to consider the distance between each letter because the overall size of any design depends upon the increase/decrease of this space.

UX Design

UX Design

The UX design is the process that determines a user’s requirements in order to create an enjoyable and smooth experience. To design the interaction with a product, it is essential for a UX designer to consider the requirements of various users. To develop user-centric designs, the UX designers research, analyze and test different types of design solutions. They make sure that a product is easy to use and can actually serve a purpose for the users. The task of a UX designer involves – 

  • Testing the usability of a product/application
  • Profiling the target users to determine their varying requirements
  • Sending permission notifications
  • Weighing the functionality of a design
  • Determining a designs’ consistency and simplicity

Coordinated Performance of UX & UI Designs

Coordinated Performance of UX & UI Designs
Creation of Useful & Beautiful Interface

It is possible to create a useful and beautiful interface through the coalition of UX and UI designs.

  • To develop a product that is valuable to the targeted customer, a UX designer performs competitive analysis, develops personas and validates the result with multiple tests.
  • This extensive research enables a UX designer to develop and test the prototypes of user-flows and wireframes.

Responsibility of a UI designer is to turn a product aesthetically pleasing for the end-users.

  • UI designers utilize attractive color schemes and user-friendly typography in order to perform their tasks.
  • They depend upon the personas developed by the UX designers when selecting the colors or determining the typography/interactions.
  • They design a visual hierarchy that is supposed to guide the users in reaching the destinations.
From Accomplishing Goals to Making Emotional Connection

UX designers may interview the target customers, observe their behavior and ask them relevant questions in order to determine what motivates, frustrates or influences a group of users. These designers make prototypes in order to determine the effectiveness of the final product.

A UX designer helps users in accomplishing their goals whilst optimizing their experience on a website. However, a UI designer makes sure that the users can develop emotional connections to a brand. The UI designers help businesses in retaining their customers via this service. So, it is always required to have top-level coordination between both UI and UX Designers which will help them to optimize UI UX Design of website for higher conversion rate.


Difference between UI/UX design is the distinctive goals of these designing processes. The focus of a UX designer remains on improving the user experience. For example, a UX designer is concerned about what motivates, frustrates, enlightens or satisfies the requirements of target customers. A UI designer uses these guidelines when working on a product’s design or interactivity in order to make sure that the users enjoy or comprehend the presentation. Hence, the seamless coalition of UX and UI designs is vital for an exceptional outcome.

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