Drive website traffic from your Tweets using Twitter Cards

With the help of your Twitter cards you can:

  • control the display mode of your web content
  • enjoy increased traffic
  • enhance your Twitter Account

The following are the types of Twitter Cards that are used for Social Media Optimization:

  • Summary Card enables inclusion of title, description, a thumbnail image or larger image and Twitter handle attributions for a page.
  • Photo Card features on image, description; title and Twitter handle and is suitable for art and photography.
  • Gallery Card has similar features like Photo Card except provision of four photos in the tweet.
  • App Card prompts the viewer for downloading the contents
  • Player Card enables live video or audio player within your tweet
  • Product Card, with all features of summary card, additionally provides price, location and availability of your products.
  • Lead Generation Card enables sharing the email addresses connected with the Twitter account with you.
  • Website Card enables driving of traffic directly to the homepage of your website or other specific landing page.

Social Media Optimization has devised ways for adding Twitter Cards. You can:

  • Go to the Social Page SEO settings in the WordPress and navigate to the Twitter tab
  • Check Add Twitter card Metadata that will add the meta data to the head tag section of the site
  • Specify the twitter user name of your site under ‘Site Twitter Username’
  • Click ‘Save Change’

Analysis of Twitter Performance

Twitter Counter

Twitter Counter has the provision of analyzing the Twitter through different tiers such as Basic, Premium, Pro Stats Basis and Pro Stat Branded. You can get access to Basic which is free of any charges for getting analysis of:

  • Followers lost and gained
  • number of tweets during a particular period
  • ranking
  • prediction on how long will it take to reach a certain number of followers

For Premium Packages, you will have to bear different price ranges and can get information on mentions & re-tweets which can be exported into Excel or can be downloaded as PDFs.


Through graphs, you can obtain metrics such as:

  • the frequency of tweets
  • identification of the re-twitter
  • highest frequency

It also offers a keyword cloud that shows the words, most often used in your tweets. Brands can easily slip into a pattern while tweeting or posting the update status of Facebook.


It puts more focus on your influence across the Twitterverse. It makes use of 35 variables that include True Reach and Amplification Probability and assigns you specific titles such as ‘Specialist’ or ‘Explorer’ after ascertaining if your tweets are ‘broad’ or ‘focused’ or if you are ‘listening’ or ‘creating’.

So make the most of your Twitter Cards and enjoy traffic gushing into your website. Happy Tweeting!


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