Why Focus on Top of Your Funnel Marketing Campaign

Marketing campaigns are majorly divided into three segments top, middle and bottom of a marketing campaign. Being a business owner you should always focus on top of your funnel marketing campaign as it is all about customer reach out and brand awareness. Let’s understand in detail why ToFu marketing is more prominent and effective than the bottom funnel.

Cost-Per-Lead of Google Adwords has always been the first choices when it comes to leads generation. It is thought to be the best advertising model than any other search platforms like Yahoo or Bing. Is it actually true? Practically, relying just on Google Adwords cannot translate your sales. You can use it to generate leads.

Here are the most popular causes why you should not only focus on Google Adwords when creating an ad campaign for leads generation:

  • CPL are usually expensive than any other inbound marketing tools.
  • Other social platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter offer an altogether different way to generate leads for your business.
  • PPC of Google is not the easiest process to opt for as other channels are more searched by many people than Google Adwords pay per click as it is searched by only 3-4 percent of the users.

As you usually focus on 5-10 domain-specific keywords to turn a lead into a profitable sale, the best way is to redefine your focus from the bottom of the sales channel to the pinnacle of the funnel.

Let’s understand how your Tofu (top of the funnel) is better in terms of profit than BoFu (bottom of the funnel):

Scaling at BOFU is not always Sustainable

Adwords works because people intend to use Google to get information about any product and eventually purchase a product or service of their choice. But when it comes to generating leads, BoFu matters the most as it can monitor the return on investment of the business. Conversion might be great in Google Adwords but not sufficient to reach a high-end profit. If you have a good budget you can catapult the leads generation also. But, often it is not viable for long-term scalability.

Growth is Vital in Generating Leads

Growing business is vital when you plan to spend $30-$80+ every click on Google Ads campaigns. Of course, you may receive a good conversion but it may come to a phase of reducing returns. You may not have sufficient buyers which to push the revenue of your business to six figure. Or often, you may not have enough margins to reinvest in business-oriented crucial strategies.

Often advertisements focusing on BoFu may work great as you can spend few bucks and can see some more leads generated. But often it may not happen.

If you are targeting high priced CPC keywords it may diminish your Cost Per Leads. It will add to the monthly budget of lead generation advertisement soon. Such a huge budget may not be available with an average business or startup to even think of competition in these landscapes.

It’s necessary that your business should have an affordable and low-budget advertisement strategy in to convert those potential leads into paying customers to bring profit for the business. It’s, therefore, necessary that you have a wider net to track the leads and convert some percentage of it into loyal customers.

Do you know in almost 80 days a lead is converted into a potential lead that finally turns into a potential customer? Under these circumstances, you need to survive for 80 long days to convert it into a sale.

The fact is, you must have four times the advertising budget of leads generation that you plan to spend to just survive your business for coming 4-5 months until your revenue start trickling back to your business’s bottom line.

Brand Awareness could be a Cost-Effective Affair

Brand awareness has been the ultimate objective of any leads generation ToFu marketing campaign. It is the way to position your brand in the minds and lives of your customers and audiences.

In fact, brand awareness has become a buzzword that is losing its grounds. It is only considered as a necessity for large Fortune 500 brands with a huge budget. It’s mostly known to be a luxury instead of a necessity. This has made correlate brand building campaigns to sale directly. Therefore, it is often overlooked by most digital evangelists that are data-driven.

When done properly, brand building is an investment in future sales.

Take a look at Facebook ad professional Jon Loomer’s existing ad campaigns:

If done correctly, brand awareness can go a long way working as a permanent investment to generate your future revenue. It is categorized into three fundamental leads generation sales processes:

  • Audience Reach out = TOFU
  • Leads Generation = MOFU
  • Revenue Generations = BOFU

Let me discuss with some data.

Nielsen performed a substantial research study on understanding exactly what drives sales, as well as they, located that 59% of people buy products and services from brand names that they acknowledge.

As per a study, 60% of buyers buy products from established brands. It has also been noticed that nearly 70% of buyers look for a specific brand name when selecting which brand to view. This shows how influential brand awareness is, especially driving the sales.

If you manage to build your brand recognition, you can drive traffic skipping the usual funnel stage process. In this way you will not have to spend money on driving traffic, your brand awareness will do it.

So, creating the right brand awareness cum leads generation campaign could be quite inexpensive if you follow the right method. Facebooks Ads can help you create the cheapest brand awareness campaign for your business on the online advertising platform.

If you compare that cost to different other traditional platforms i.e., the newspaper, radio, magazine, and CPMs then it is much cheaper.

Surprisingly, through this process, you’ll only spend $1 each day on Facebook Ads to generate traffic and brand awareness. In addition, this advertisement opportunity helps you reach 4,000 new audiences per day for just $1.

Considering this stat, you get 120 thousand new impressions each month for just $30/month.That means you almost 120,000 new pair of eyes see your business/brand every month. This is the cheapest leads generation campaign you can have ever.

Let’s understand how to develop Top of the Funnel Leads Generation Facebook campaign to keep you ToFu profitable and keep stimulating qualified leads every month!

Create a Sustainable Facebook Lead Generating Campaign

Self-surviving leads generation Facebook campaigns can be created in below-mentioned steps which you can customize as well whenever required.

  • Create a small-sized target audience given your potential user types.
  • Create a target audience for remarketing your business.
  • Create a new similar audience associated with these leads.

Once you develop this strategy you only have to spend minimal every day and simultaneously you can create and run a self-sustaining campaign.

You only have to recycle whenever the circle completes encouraging your audience. It will not only generate several new visits and views, it will also build your brand awareness every single day.

The better your brand awareness is more recognition and loyalty you will receive that leads to more sales in minimal effort, ending in better revenue generation in less budget.

Ok, so to set up your Facebook Advertisement, access the Facebook Business Manager from where navigate to the audiences section.

Now click the create button and save new audience option. Here you can filter your audiences based on multiple categories.

You can start by selecting some demographics that you can relate to your potential customers.

Next off, it’s time to tighten it down a little bit.

You can’t target 200,000,000 people with brand name understanding ads. Regrettably, there aren’t that lots of people who care about your business.

Beginning adding various interests related to your company. For example, if you market SEO solutions include that as a rate of interest:

Are your services B2B? Narrow it down further:

Last but not least, complete it off with some exemptions to avoid targeting users that usually don’t react well to your service or products:

You can further break down the list as per the interests of the audiences related to your products and services. Suppose you want to target directly the potential customers and not the non-potential buyers who would not interact with your brand so well. In this way, you will not waste your ad budget in displaying your ad to those non-potential buyers and only target the most potential audiences.

You can now save the list by giving a name to your audience that directly relates to your business to identify them easily.

Next, select the ad budget of your campaign to $1/day, which you may also increase the budget if you can define a larger budget for each day. Brand awareness is more about offering value associated with your business irrespective of any favors, instead of acquiring sales. Right approach and hard sales methods are of no used now.

You can create such type of lead generation strategy promoting your best blog and considering it as your creative promotion.

You’re now done with the initial phase of creating FB campaign. Now to create a successful leads generation strategy you need to set up a remarketing audience coming from your website due to the promotional activities of your brand awareness campaign.

Prior to this, it’s time to set up the pixel of your Facebook. For this, go to Facebook Business Manager and from here to the Events Manager option and click the option “Pixels”.

Click to develop your Pixel as well as give it a well-known name for your site:

You will get the Facebook Pixel code easily. Now copy this code and paste it into the header file of your website.

After completing this process of installing code and verifying on your website, navigate to the audience button and create one more new custom audience as per your website traffic.

See to it that you pick “users who checked out particular web pages” as your requirements, and then get in the post you drive traffic to for your brand recognition ads:

You can break down your traffic criteria to 2 or more visits instead of selecting only people who visited particular web pages. This is how you can create your next bunch of audience. One more thing you must consider is you can flip your newly developed audience into a similar type of (lookalike) target audience.

This will indicate Facebook to bring more audiences for you with similar tastes and preferences as the audiences that are the great performers in your campaigns.

Targeting Lookalike Audiences is one of the unique and powerful features of Facebook that plays a great role in leads generation.

You can now navigate back to the audience button and create one more new lookalike audience, selecting the second remarketing audience.

Keep the audience size to the minimum to keep the budget low. Gradually you can test the percentage of audience vis-a-vis 3%, 6%, 8% to identify which is the slab that gives you the best value of your investment. This is how you can create sustainable ToFu leads generation campaign for the brand awareness of your company.

Your top of the funnel strategy i.e., brand Awareness Campaigns can result in a successful lead generation for your business. This is the reason it is mostly more focused and emphasized upon by the businesses as brand awareness is more necessary than sales. Once you have created a buzz for your business, you do not have to spend much to generate revenue.

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