Getting Creative with Facebook Advertising – Basics to Follow

Right from the basics of opening a Facebook account to making target oriented ads for a specific audience, there is an array of things to know and learn before you can make a perfect ad campaign to boost your business return.

Choose a type of ad for your business

Choosing a type of ad that perfectly suits your business objective, advertisement budget and impact is the crucial first step.

  • Domain ad with just a title, URL and short description in the above right corner is the cheapest and simplest of all ad options. This type of ads enjoys a less click-through rate as these ads do not display in Facebook mobile app.
  • Page Post Link is the most preferred type of ads that enjoy great impact on users. This type of ad which is also referred as Newsfeed ad let you display a big image with the option of posting both text and link description along with it. You have far better chances of generating more number of ‘likes’ with this type of ads. Checking comments and replying regularly is crucial for engaging people with this type of ads.
  • Multi Product ad format is released by Facebook in June this year to facilitate display of products by eCommerce advertisers. Available in both desktop and mobile this type of ad support up to 3 products and respective links. Definitely 3 different products with respective links showcased would garner more ‘likes’ than other type of ads.

Basic tips concerning Facebook ads

Knowing the basics is too important for a highly contested yet lucrative social platform like Facebook. Here below we provide some basic tips to make your Facebook ads more effective.

  • Set a clear objective for your advertisement campaign. Do you want to garner more website traffic? Or, do you want just more Facebook ‘likes’ at this stage? Or, do you want to engage more number of people in your posts? As per your objective and expectation ad campaign will depend.
  • Want to start safe and slow? If you are new to Facebook advertisement targeting more ‘Likes’ for your page content would be the ideal way to start and yes, safest too.
  • Try to get sponsored stories on your Facebook page and this will help your ad campaign garner more benefits.
  • Offer something lucrative to draw attention of users. A small offer or discount to be redeemed in your business store or just for exchanging the email address or just for driving the user to spread the word, is a proven effective way of promotion.
  • Make your Facebook posts mobile friendly. Yes, the majority of users in Facebook access on their handheld device and you have to reach them with mobile optimized content.
  • A call to action should be included in the advertisement text post. Whether they should click on the link below or go to the store page or click on the ‘like’ button, all these action calls should be included in the advertisement post.
  • Highlight special deals and bonanza offers. Maybe it is the anniversary of your store or maybe you have just crossed a mark of thousand customers within 2 months. You can create a sensation on all these occasions by making special deals and promoting them through your Facebook advertisement as well.
  • Having a popular Facebook page besides your independent ads will double your chances and will increase visibility. If you do not have a Facebook page the advertisement will be shown in the upper right corner and consequently it will not be shown in Newsfeed.
  • Do not leave the headline of the ad as it is shown through automatic setup, customize it to attract users.
  • Frequent and rigorous activity in your Facebook page and in ads is the key to increase network and develop trust.

Tips to control the cost of advertising in Facebook

Definitely for a newbie in the Facebook advertisement cost is a big factor and you will always like to increase your budget as you continue to gain more business. Here we provide some effective tips to control advertising cost on Facebook.

  • There is an array of bid options to choose for Facebook ads. While bidding for clicks or impression involves more customization and will incur more cost, bidding for basic objectives like ‘page likes’ will involve less complication and will be cheaper.
  • You can choose between daily and lifetime budget. By choosing daily budget, you can control the cost of a campaign per day, whereas by opting for a lifetime budget you have to decide how much you want to spend for the entire time span of an advertisement to be displayed.
  • Facebook ads are very flexible to take control of your costs. You can change the end date or budget at any point of time after the campaign has been started. You can change your daily spending limit and the end date for the respective ad campaign to come to an end.

Tips for more engaging image ads

Ads and posts having powerful visual impacts enjoy greater popularity and more engagement than text posts and ads. These are few effective tips for more engaging image ads.

  • A variety of images in your advertisement post will garner more user interest. Without an extra cost you can upload up to 6 images in your advertisement campaign on Facebook.
  • Make your text post small (not more than 20% of the entire length of the advertisement); because Facebook does not permit image ads to appear in Newsfeed if the accompanying text length is bigger than 20%. Sometimes you can come to the desired size and length simply by moving the text a little.

Tips for targeting your audience better

Targeting your audience is a key element to the success of your Facebook advertising initiative. Facebook offers an array of diverse audience targeting options and maneuvers which you can utilize to reach more people with your advertising campaigns. From demographic details to deeper interests to your own Facebook network to any customized audience target groups, you have huge flexibility to address your ad campaign to your target groups. To create highly successful Facebook ad campaigns you need to utilize all targeting options to the fullest extent.

  • Demographic targeting is one of the common types of audience targeting practice among Facebook ad campaigners. You can target audience as per the age group, gender, language, educational background, professional status, relationship status, location, etc. For example, if your product or service is particularly useful for people of teenage or students, you can specifically target people as per their age group or educational background.
  • Interest group targeting is the other most common way of targeting your audience. Addressing users with specific interest can be more valuable in respect of drawing more audience and for business conversion. Suppose you are a sports gear manufacturer and naturally your Facebook ad will address to enthusiasts and participants in sports.
  • Focusing on your existing network or focusing on new Facebook people in your network. Obviously you would always like to focus on your existing people in the network and simultaneously would try to spread the network and make new people hear about your offers.
  • Take a closer look at the audience meter which will show whether you are targeting too many people or too few people or whether some restrictions are hindering you from reaching potential audience. Keep track of your audience reach from time to time.
  • Narrowing your target with more categories is another practice that can give you better result from the advertisement campaign. Add more topics in the ‘More categories’ section to include the more potential audience for reaching with your advertising campaign. Suppose you have posted a Facebook ad regarding your new image editing mobile app. Now by opting for new custom categories you can target people who have birthday on each day and can offer them a free trial of your app on the occasion.
  • Location specific targeting to reach people in your area or location can bring more people into your business store in the city. On the opening ceremony of your store in the city you can drive an extensive Facebook ad campaign targeting people of the city and this will definitely help in increasing traffic in the store.
  • If you want to bank upon on your existing contacts initially uploading your mailing list in the Facebook can be a great measure. Furthermore, with custom feature for targeting the audience you can try to increase conversion rate of the ad campaign using this mailing list. For uploading mailing list on Facebook you can use app like Mail Chimp.

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