Google Launched Pixel, Pixel XL, Google Home and much more

As everyone was expecting, Google has announced its new smartphone devices Pixel and Pixel XL in the recent hardware event. Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones were the biggest kept secret in past few weeks. Google has demonstrated the capabilities of these smart devices. The company has also introduced some other hardware devices like Google Home, Daydream View VR, Chromecast Ultra and Google WiFi etc. in the event. Let’s have a look over some of the biggest announcements from Google.

Google Pixel and Pixel XL

Introducing Pixel, Phone by Google

Google has unveiled its new smartphones built by HTC and named it Pixel and Pixel XL. These mobile devices are having some exceptional features like powerful cameras, unlimited storage, long lasting battery, VR ready big screen and influential backend system. 32 GB and 128 GB devices are powered with the Qualcomm 821 Snapdragon processor and 4GB RAM. With just 15 minutes of charging, you can use the device up to 7 hours. All the photos and videos on the devices wil be uploaded directly in Google photos with its full resolution. So you will never run out of the space due to the media files you have on the device. On the top of all these, Pixel and Pixel XL has the most powerful 12-megapixel camera that lets you shoot 4K videos just like the professional camera. Pixel has the 5-inch 1080p screen and Pixel XL has 5.5-inch screen same as iPhone 7. Pixel will be available for $649 and Pixel XL for $769 from Google Store.

Google Home

Google Home: Hands-free help from the Google Assistant Google

Google has introduced Google Home to compete Amazon Echo speakers in previous Google I/O event. This time, the company has demonstrated some exceptional capabilities of Google’s virtual assistance system. Google Home now can give you the answer even if you don’t know the exact question. For example, if you don’t remember the exact lyrics of the song, just ask for “that Shakira song from Zootopia” and Google will do the thinking for you and play the exactly what you were looking for. It will also help you with planning your day. Just say ‘My Day’ and it will give you a quick run down of the day ahead of you. It can also do some other amazing things like it can control your Home (Nest, Samsung or Philips made smart devices), TV and Play music anywhere in the house. It is smart, elegant and available in the amazing range of color. This smart device will cost you just $129 and available on Google, Best Buy, Target, and other US retailers.

Daydream View VR Headset

Introducing Daydream View, VR Headset by Google

Google has unveiled its virtual reality platform Daydream earlier this year. Google’s Daydream View is the revamped look of its virtual reality cardboard. Daydream view is nothing but Google’s old idea with the new design. Google claims that the device is 30% lighter than the competitors and perfectly fits comfortably on over eyeglasses. Google has especially worked with the clothes engineers to make it ‘soft’, ‘comfortable’ and ‘breathable’. This new VR headset comes in three different colors (Gray, Crimson, and Snow). It also comes with the small controller devices that can be stored right into the headset itself. This small remote kind of controller will come with few buttons and touch pad that will help users VR games and navigate through the menu. If you are thinking virtual reality headset with these much of feature will cost you a lot, you are wrong. It comes at the as low price as $79.  Users will be able to use the device for various educational, gaming and streaming applications soon.

Chromecast Ultra

Introducing Chromecast Ultra

Chromecast is the plug-in device that lets users project the content from the mobile device on the TV through the HDMI port of TV. Google has sold more than 30 million wireless streaming devices like these till the date. Chromecast Ultra is the updated version of the basic streaming device. Chromecast Ultra supports the 4K Videos, DolbyVision, and HDR. According to the company, it is 1.8x faster than the previous device. It also has the built-in Ethernet port for the reliable streaming of the 4K videos. Chromecast Ultra will be available for users in November this year. It will cost $69 that is almost double than the current model.

Google WiFi

Introducing Google Wifi

It’s not the first time that Google is making the networking device. The company has introduced new WiFi routers and simply named it ‘Google WiFi’. Google’s new multi point home networking device works intelligently to offer the full network access to the each corner of the house. You can set up the wireless network using multiple routers to cover the big area. Google WiFi is not only the expandable modular devices but it also an intelligent system that works together to optimize the signal strength in the each corner of the network area. It also lets you control the network settings and signal strengths simply from the mobile app. The system is really very smart and intelligent but it is not cheap. Google WiFi routes cost $129 for each and if you purchase the set of three, it will cost $299. Pre-order for Google WiFi will start in November and product will be available in early December.

So, these are some of the important announcements from the Google’s hardware event. Along with all these new devices, Google has also empowered the technology that runs all these devices. Google has given a big push to its voice-controlled virtual assistance system. Google Assistant has become much smarter and useful. And it is available everywhere now on every device. Google is seriously integrating its hardware and software capabilities to make our daily life easier. I am eager to get hands on some these devices. Are you?

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