Google updated the Core Ranking algorithm

Google Panda algorithm is among the most significant search engine algorithm introduced in February 2011. Google Panda was around as separate ranking algorithm since almost five years. It is a spam-fighting algorithm that steps against the websites having thin and low-quality content. The last update in Google Panda Algorithm was launched around 18th July 2015. It was a relatively slow rollout, which took months for the complete roll out. Google Panda is not a separate algorithm now. Google has included the Google Panda Algorithm in its Core Ranking Algorithm.

Google’s Gary Illyes and John Mueller have confirmed on the Twitter that the ranking fluctuation over the past weekend was due to Google’s core ranking algorithm update. It was not because of the Penguin Algorithm Update. Generally, Google does not announce the updates in core algorithm. Last time Google has confirmed such update in May 2015.

Jennifer Slegg has first reported the news of inclusion of Panda Algorithm in Google’s Core Ranking Algorithm. She received the direct quotes from Google complimenting the news. The official statement from Google says, “Panda is an algorithm that’s applied to sites overall and has become one of our core ranking signals. It measures the quality of a site, which you can read more about in our guidelines. Panda allows Google to take quality into account and adjust ranking accordingly.

So, there are two things that we know now. First, Google has updated the Core Ranking Algorithm over the weekend and second, Google Panda is the part of the Core Algorithm now. These two are different news that is causing lots of confusion among the Webmasters. There are some important take away to emphasize from this story.

There won’t be any Panda Algorithm Update from now. Panda is the part of the core algorithm now. So, Google won’t announce the update in the Panda Algorithm from onwards. Content quality has become important than ever now. Google Panda Algorithm was working as the content quality affecting the Core Ranking algorithm at some level. Google has removed that filter now.  And included that into the Core Algorithm itself. It will naturally increase the effect of the content quality in the search result.

Many webmasters were asking that, would Panda Algorithm run in real time just like the Core Algorithm? Google has cleared that Google Panda is just a part of the Core Ranking Algorithm now. It won’t run in real time.

With this entire buzz about the Google Panda and ranking algorithm update, Webmasters are still waiting for the Penguin Algorithm Update. Google had assured to update the Penguin Algorithm before 2015 ends. Then they scheduled the update sometime in January 2016. People were expecting the update over past weekend related to Penguin but it was not. The next Penguin update will be the last of it’s kind, as the Penguin Algorithm will run in real time after this update.

Have you noticed any ranking or traffic change over the past week? Share your experience in the comment box below.

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