Guide to App Store Optimization

ASO stands for App Store Optimization. More or less ASO is for mobile app store what SEO is for The Web. SEO helps your website rank higher in organic search result. ASO does almost the same for the mobile app store. ASO is a bit tricky, as it doesn’t end with just getting your app ranked in the app store. The main purpose of the ASO is the let people know about your app and make them download and use your application. If you have developed a brilliant app model, people are going to download and use that. So, why it is required to get ranked in App Store for your app related keyword? Well, according to a research more than 65% users find the app browsing in App Store. It could be a huge opportunity for you if you are an app developer or marketer. Let’s have a look at some of the tips that will help you rank higher in Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Choose the right keywords to target

Keywords you target are the most important element of your ASO process. Keyword selection for ASO is a bit different than how you choose the keywords for SEO.

Purpose of selecting the keywords here is not just to grab the attention but encourage searchers to download the app. So, it is important to select the action-oriented keywords than the generic keywords.

Keyword selection for the App Store Optimization mostly depends on three parameters. 1) Relevance, 2) Competition and 3) Searches. Relevance defines how relevant your targeted keyword is to your app. Competition defines the how tough it will be to get ranked for specific keyword. If you are targeting a keyword having billions of search but you can manage to rank on #439 because of the high competition, that won’t help you. So, the last thing to consider after relevance and competition is how many searches a keyword is getting.

There are plenty of tools like MobileDevHQ or AppTweak that can help you through keyword selection process.

Utilize App Name and Description

Application name and description are the most important factors that directly affect the app store ranking. It is highly advisable to have your most important keywords in your App Name and Description.

According to an observation of top 25 ranking positions for different keywords, Applications that have the keywords in the app name have 10.3% more chances to get ranked in top 25.

Apple defines the App URL from your app name. So, if you will have keyword in your app name; it will automatically include in-app URL too. Make sure that you don’t use any special characters in App Name. Apple doesn’t support special characters in URL.

It goes same with the descriptions as well. App description could be breakdown in two parts (Above the fold and below fold). Try to incorporate important keywords in the initial part of the description (that is above the fold).

The ultimate goal of the title is the accurately convey the name and subject of the app. So, always try to include the main keyword in title but never over do that.

App Icon and Screenshots

There are millions of apps available on the app store. But consumers love what is beautiful, elegant and easy to understand. App icon is the only opportunity you have to attract the users when they are viewing hundreds of applications offering the same sort of functions. Keep your app icon simple, clear and eye catchy.

Screenshots are the promotional graphics for your App when it comes to App Store Optimization. You can use text and other different graphics in the screenshots. Utilize all text and graphics to highlight the features and tell an app story using creative visuals. It is even more important for Apple Store Optimization.

Having promotional video for app is must nowadays. It not only helps you highlighting the app functions but also provide a window to look into your app before downloading it. A promotional video on app page with appealing call to action button can significantly increase the app downloads.

Number of Downloads

It is the factor that you can’t control directly. But if you can manage to get more downloads it will eventually help you achieve better ranking, brand awareness and positive reviews.

Application downloads and ranking works hand in hand for app store optimization. They both compliment each other.

App store prefers to show the apps which users have downloaded the most. That improves the ranking position and due to improved ranking position more and more users download your app.

It is also important to get backlinks from the other websites pointing to your app page to get more views and downloads.

Encourage ratings and feedbacks

Last but not the least. Having higher ratings and positive feedbacks is essential to prove the worth of the app on App Store.

A study based on the 500 top ranked applications shows that there is a significant correlation between the positive reviews and higher app ranking. An app is having higher rating means that it keeps users engaging.

Always try to get more and more feedbacks and reviews from existing app users. Never miss an opportunity to communicate with the audience. Be active to listen to the users query and reply to them.

Do not hesitate to ask for the reviews. The more positive reviews you will have, better it will be for your app’s performance on app store.

So, these are some tips and tricks that can help you plan your app store optimization strategy. I hope you will like this. What are the other ASO strategies you use? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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