Important Tips to Sustain Yourself As Superior Developer in IT Industry

Tips for being a Superior Developer

If we go by the market trends then we will see that the IT sector growth rate is quite high when compared to other sectors in the industry. There are few factors which are must to consider by a developer to ensure security, success, and demand for him/her in the industry in the long run.

The global industry of information technology is growing fast and will reach $5 trillion in FY 2019, based on the research done by consultancy firm IDC. We cannot deny the fact that Economies, jobs, as well as personal lives are turning digital, highly connected, as well as increasingly, automated.  The United States proved to be the largest technology market in the world, and holds a 31% share of the global market, in 2019. Irrespective of the size of the US IT market the maximum technology spending is happening crossing its border (69%).

Competition in the IT Industry

Competition in IT Industry

Based on the outcome of the research of Randstad employer branding it will continue showing great growth rate and ranked excellently well consistently to make its place in the list of most preferred sectors by workers globally.  IT industry proved to make the best utilization of the IT expert’s qualities. The IT industry in the last couple of years witnessed several high-profile cases causing discrimination in regards to unfair pay practices as well as sexual harassment and gender discrimination. Only 21% of Silicon Valley employees are women which is serious alarming situation indicating gender discrimination. IT companies are now targeting to compete for attracting the young group of workers who can drive innovation. The industry needs to overcome some critical black marks which are badly affecting the industry image to survive in this competitive job market. It’s always the survival of the fittest in the industry. All developers need to ensure that they upgrade them from time to time to go with the latest trends and demands of the industry.

Taking into consideration the strong competition prevailing in the industry there are some key factors where developers should concentrate to sustain in the IT Industry.

Be Able to Work in Client’s Comfortable Time-zone

Working flexibly in Client's Time-zone

IT clients are global clients and so the IT firms need to ensure that they are ready to serve the clients as per their time zone. Time zone management is a key thing that a successful developer needs to consider.

Be Able to Work Remotely

Working Remotely

To sustain in the IT industry and to work with top-notch companies developers need to be ready to work remotely. Work from home is now a popular concept in the IT industry where you can work remotely from your location (home or regional office) even when working for a company in different time zone. Skype and video calling session are part of the profile of a developer working remotely.

Take the Detailed Knowledge of Requirement First

Requirement Understanding

Being attentive while taking note of the requirement of the client or superior before starting the work is very important. Besides being a good developer one needs to be a good listener. Take complete information on the requirement of the client either verbally or in writing. Ensure you are clear about the exact requirements or else making mistakes at the time of project delivery will not only disappoint your client but also create a question mark about your capability as a developer.

Prepare your Dos and Don’ts While Doing a Code

Coding Standards

To become a successful developer there are 3 important things that you need to have in you.

  • Dedication
  • Practice
  • Patience

If you lack any of the above qualities then that will be a barrier for your success. It’s a must for you to prepare the Do’s and Don’ts list for you to code.


  • Never get moved by peoples discouraging statements and never accept anything about code without trying
  • Never give up in case you are stuck up
  • Don’t make too much hopping from one programming to others. What new you learn first gets accustomed to it and feel comfortable before you move up to learn something new.
  • Never go for a difficult project too early
  • Never compare your capability with others
  • Never go for library or framework using too early


  • Always try to think beyond your coding capabilities. Work to find innovative solutions for your problems
  • Always try to create simple codes as it’s the best. Just ensure you turn things as simple as possible.  This will help you to realize how easy is programming.
  • Never stop practicing. Practice makes a man perfect and that we all know. Ensure you imply that in your coding regime.
  • Learn new things while teaching others. Teaching others will help you in understanding in a new way. Two-way communications will enrich your skill as a coder.
  • Always maintain coding standards for any project. Optimized coding as a development trick will encourage others to take a reference code from you.
  • Always keep your goals clear and make Google the best friend

Be a Good Team Player and Never Compare Yourself with Other Team Members

Be a Good Team Player

We learn more things in life when you become a good team player. Comparing yourself with other members of the team will create a sense of insecurity in you which will create an obstruction in yourself growth.  Criticizing others to showcase themselves is one of the negative approaches for any developer. Appreciating others and learning something new from them to implement in your coding techniques will make you a better performer for the industry.

Never Repeat the Same Mistake

Avoid Repeating Mistakes

We all make mistakes in life and also in our professional work.  In place of getting depressed or demotivated in life due to it, better learn from it. Ensure you never repeat the same mistake in the future.

Always Do Unit Testing of Your Work

Always Perform Unit Testing

Ensure you make proper testing of your work done or code before sending it for production. This will help in avoiding any production issue at the time of final delivery.

Ensure you never submit any of your work to the client with comments like “It’s Done”. Changes are part and parcel of any program in IT. Your mail to client needs to be descriptive and contain details like what, when you executed it to achieve his/her functionality besides mentioning the future impacts of the work done by you.

Focus on Improvement in Yourself

Self Improvement

Self-improvement is very important to sustain in the industry as a demanding developer.  Spend a few hours weekly to analyze about your drawbacks which need to be improved. Seek teammates or superiors’ suggestions if required. Analyzing self and improving with time will ensure to establish you as a good developer which the industry seeks.

If you succeed in accepting the above-discussed factors to turn as a good developer then the aging factor will never affect you and affect your job security in the industry.


Almost all industries these days are demanding and IT is no exception in this case. The level of competition is exceptionally high in the IT sector as the industry is growing fast and vast. To cope up with the demands and to sustain as a developer accommodating self with changing demands is a must for all developers.

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