How To Create A Virtual Tour For Business Using Google Street View

Guide to Google Street View

Google believes in taking revolutionizing decisions. It recently introduced the Google Street View which is a technology that is being featured in Google Earth and Google Maps. This technology gives interactive panoramas of a location from various angles and positions. Modern businesses may greatly benefit by enhancing “Google My Business” listing with Google Street View technology. You may use this technology to give your audience a virtual tour of your office, store or any type of set-up. The powerful first impression that you may leave on the viewers’ mind when using the Google Virtual Tour may become a deciding factor in achieving new clients or customers.

The digital tours are presented in a 360-degree perspective enabling the viewers to tour around any location without being physically present at that location. Using the Google virtual tour creator, the process of developing a 360-degree immersive view of any set-up becomes easier.

Photos in 360 Degree View

  • It enables you to create a 360-degree view with or without using the personalized photographs of a premise.
  • You may use the photos from Google Street View if you do not have the pictures of a location.
  • A recent update enables the Google Tour Creator to support the photos from the Cardboard Camera app. Therefore, you can offer a 360-degree tour of a premise to the viewers using personalized photos even if you do not have a 360 camera to capture these shots.

The entrepreneurs may easily create a Business Virtual Tour using the smart features of the Google Tour Creator. The user-friendly features of this program let you create pro-level tours without requiring advanced technical knowledge. You may even add multiple scenes to a single tour.

Add Points of Interest in Virtual Tour

  • In the beginning, Google Tour Creator urges the users to start with a photo and a name.
  • This program may use the uploaded 360-content to generate multiple scenes within the same tour.
  • It may even search for a location on Google Maps to upload the content from Google Street View.
  • The users may add the ‘Points of Interest’ and descriptions in every scene when using this program.
  • The camera mode inside the ‘Cardboard Camera app’ releases the users from the limitation of using only the 360-degree or omnidirectional camera. You may use the photos from the Smartphone to create a 360-degree virtual tour of a premise.

This program can publish the generated content on Poly (Google’s library for immersive content) after creating the tour. You may use Poly to share the tour or to embed it into another website for online viewing.

Creating Virtual Tours with Street View App

For the Google Street View Virtual Tour, it is crucial to have at least 4K (7.5MP) photos with a 2:1 aspect ratio. The photographs being used in a virtual tour are supposed to be at most 75 megabytes in size.

Image Overlays for Google Map Place Markers

To publish the photos

  • Pen the Street View app.
  • Tap the Select button under ‘Private’
  • Select a photo to publish
  • To correct a blurred image or to blur an image, select ‘What To Do’ to published photos:
    • To add blurring –
      Tap the ‘More’ sign and then tap the sign ‘Apply Blur’
    • To clear blurring –
      Tap the ‘More’ sign and then tap the sign ‘Remove Blur’
  • Tap the ‘Upload File’ button to upload an image
  • Tap the ‘Publish’ button to see the published image under ‘Profile’.

To Connect the Photos

Easy Sharing Across Audience

The Street View App can automatically connect the photos within 24 hours if –

  • The 360 photos are made and published following proper spacing recommendations.
  • The ‘Geotag 360 photos’ are active.
  • You have earned and activated the trusted badge in the ‘Street View’ app.
  • You have used the ‘Auto-Capture’ for indoor and outdoor 360 photos.
    • Indoor photos within two steps of each other (1-m/3-ft)
    • Outdoor photos within five steps of each other (3-m/10-ft)

The ‘Street View’ app may even suggest the five closest 360-photos to connect. You may even use the ‘Street View’ app to manually connect the 360-photos through the ‘Profile’ tab.

Editing Photos

Google Street View app lets you perform the following editing –

  • Adding/deleting a connection between two photos
  • Aligning a photo
  • Fixing the indoor photos or the pictures taken near buildings

The aforementioned steps show how easily you can create immersive virtual tours using the ‘Street View’ app.

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