Instagram is Upgrading Image resolution by 1080px

Instagram has announced to allow users to display and upload images with higher resolution of 1080px X 1080px. Instagram spokesperson said that  Instagram has gradually started progressing this new resolution to IOS and Android mobile devices in the last week.

Here are the words from co-founder of Instagram Mike Krieger.

Higher resolution images are not being displayed at 1080px X 1080px resolution, but it has started storing images with higher resolution. This makes available to upload images with higher resolution like other image sharing apps. Especially iPhone 6, biggest mobile phone users can take advantage of it. This will also help to take better prints.

The change has been first noted by The Verge that the app started rolling out larger Instagram image, when he received a link via telegram.

You can check higher resolution images on Instagram. You can see high resolution image by using your desktop browser. To check your higher resolution picture, open your desktop browser Chrome or Mozilla. Go to your Instagram Photo and open the page source code and now search for.JPG. You will find the first URL of the larger version of the image. You need to copy that URL and open it in a new window. You will get a surprise to see the image with the bigger resolution of 1080Px. This would not be  a stretched image. The picture would be with the original image quality that offered by Instagram with 640px X 640px resolution images.

The most popular image sharing mobile app Instagram, that is owned by Facebook is really the best example successful social networking site. Instagram was started by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger in October 2010. Instagram had crossed 10,000 users in just after a few hours of its launching. It had 1 million users just in two months. Instagram was acquired by Facebook in April 2012. Till 2014, Instagram was having 300 Million monthly active users. We can imagine the popularity of the No 1 photo sharing platform.

Let’s hope for many more enhanced features from Instagram.

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