Measure Conversions between Mobile App and Web for Display Ads

In today’s internet era, people are using so many different apps and websites for shopping, entertainment and communicate. For advertisers, measuring the campaign performance by tracking the activities across mobile apps and websites is the most difficult part of marketing.

Starting from last Tuesday, you can measure conversions in Estimated Total Conversions column that happened between mobile app and website. That means someone views your ad in an app and then completes the conversion in web browser or someone clicks on your ad in web browser and then completes the conversion in app. And, these conversion data are included in your estimated total conversions. It includes the clicks and conversions that occur on the same device or across different devices. Currently, this works only for Display Network ads and does not include app installs and only in-app actions. And, this is not available in countries in the European Union.

Read following two examples to understand conversions between app and web:

Example 1:

Ellen is browsing the web on her home computer and sees an ad for a sale at her favorite shoe store. She clicks the ad but doesn’t buy anything yet. Later, while riding the bus to work, she opens the store’s mobile app and buys a pair of shoes through the app.

Example 2:

Similarly, let’s say you’re the marketing manager for a hotel whose ad for a summer getaway runs in a weather app. Potential customers may click on your ad while checking the weather on their smart phones in the morning and then book rooms later in the day on your website from their computers, or with your app on their tablets.

So if you have an app, don’t forget to set up conversion tracking to get the insights for in-app activities in Estimated Total Conversions column. To read more about estimated conversions visit the Adword Help Center ( or watch this video ( to understand the cross device Estimated Total Conversions.

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