Facebook introduced in-page store for retailers

Facebook is no more the place where brands can only connect and communicate with the audience. The company has been testing with ‘Buy Button’ since a year now and they have taken one step forward to provide convenient buying experience to the community. BuzzFeed has first reported on Thursday that Facebook now lets retailers create mini storefront in their fan page. Facebook has also confirmed the news by saying that they are currently testing with this shopping feature.

Facebook has been testing with the buy button in the Ads on the Newsfeed since over a year. Facebook now lets retailers create mini e-commerce storefront from where they can directly sell the products. This looks like their attempt to make online shopping more convenient and easier for the Shopaholic audience. The new shopping section will emerge as a separate tab on the page, just like Timeline, About, Photos and other tabs on the page. Mobile users will find it under new shopping section on the page.

All the products listed in the Facebook Store will be shown in a similar way like photos. Users can select the product from there and purchase. The company has provided the power to keep the transaction within Facebook to Retailers. If retailer will choose to keep the transaction within Facebook, checkout process will be same as purchasing from Buy Button from the feed. Retailers can also redirect the users to the main company website they don’t wish to complete the transaction within Facebook.

E-commerce is changing as social media platforms significantly influencing the buying habits of the online users. Facebook has introduced “Buy Now” button a year ago. Pinterest is offering Buyable Pins. Another photo sharing platform, Instagram is also let users buy products directly from the app. Recently, Google has also launched “Buy It Now” button for mobile users. This step from Facebook is going to be very crucial in the world of social commerce.

Facebook’s spokes person Mr. Mike Manning told that it is difficult to provide the exact timeline when this feature will be available for all retailers as it is in a testing phase only. He has also refused to name the business participating in this initial test. According to him there are a range of different sized businesses involved in the test. Facebook is not directly taking the share of the transaction from the retailers for now. It will be interesting to see if they change the policy to make money through this feature.

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