Pigeon Update extended to UK, Canada and Australia

If you are targeting local market in Canada or Australia or UK, look to your organic traffic. Is there any significant change have you noticed in your analytics? Or Have your local rankings shifted?

Search Engine Land has got confirmation from Google spokesperson that the algorithm changes impacted three countries, Australia, Canada and United Kingdom to all English-speaking places. Earlier the Pigeon update rolled out on 24th July 2014 and impacted in the US only. This time it is extended to three countries which are Australia, Canada and UK.

The Pigeon update is designed to improve the local search experience while searching for local services or products. Pigeon Update aims to provide more accurate,  more relevant and quality local search results.

There have been noticed by webmasters that their local rankings have moved by some positions positively and negatively both. Local marketers have started changing their local marketing strategies. If your targeted countries is Australia, Canada or UK,  you are welcome to share your local result experience in the comments below.

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