Remarketing strategies for boosting revenue generations

Get people to return and make the purchases they were meant to the very first time. This is the gist of Remarketing strategy. Such plans make perfect sense when you want to boost your revenues or ensure profits.  Many marketers claim that it is their favorite advertising form and for good reasons too.

Whom does such strategies target?

With Remarketing strategies, you will be targeting people who already visited your website once through the banner ads. However, they somehow failed to convert. Now you will use targeted Remarketing strategies to ensure that they do not escape anywhere the second time! Naturally, for you it means profit generations and a revenue boost.

Why should you take such strategies seriously?

Do you know that according to an online marketing statistics, 96% traffic on a typical website fails to convert? Also, 49% people will return to a website repeatedly on an average 2-3 times before deigning to make the purchase! The abandonment rate of shopping carts is almost 70% and further, customers seem not to buy more than 60% items left behind within the shopping carts.

Different reasons for using Remarketing strategies

Companies may have different reasons to embrace Remarketing strategies some of these are as follows.

  • 11% goes for it to attract customers from their competitor’s site
  • 43% use this simply for brand awareness
  • 56% companies use the retargeting methods for gaining customers

So what’s your reason behind Remarketing going to be?

Various Remarketing strategies

The aim of Remarketing strategies is to go for the kill exactly when the customers are in the mood to buy. Here’s how to do it right.

  • Create an effective Remarketing list 

There is no hard and fast rule that you need to create only a single list. Go for as many as you need. Now create copies of landing pages and ads tailored for your site visitors. Based upon your requirements, you may need to exclude certain category of visitors from the listing. Do not forget to place higher bids when those related to the Remarketing list search for keywords. Now is the time for setting and testing impression. It is important not to repeat same ads before a specific audience.

Create a marketing message to go in perfectly with the product, purpose, and the user. However, it is important to customize this message for the user. Display ads of the generic kind are not desirable in this scenario. Consistent messaging is quite crucial. For example, when some special sale is going to make sure that your website contains a consistent message. Conversion tracking setup is also important and you should immediately stop sending ads if a customer has converted already.

It is important to create Remarketing lists for all the product categories.

  •  Strategies for abandoned cart

People who didn’t complete the purchase at the last minute such as on this shopping cart stage should have a separate list. Studies show that the target group opens abundant activity or shopping cart e-mails more than 40% of the time. Also, revenue tends to increase by almost 54% when companies do send this kind of emails.

  •  Upsells & other strategies

Up selling involves showing the customers products, which are similar to the one they seemed interested in during their visit. Alternatively, these can also be something in the line of items they have already purchased for making additional sales. Targeted displays, content marketing, and AdWords are some other Remarketing strategies that may lead to revenue increase.

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