Say ‘Bye’ to “Google Adwords Keyword Tool” and welcome to “Keyword Planner Tool”

KrishaWeb Technologies believes in being with the times. So, it opts for the most advanced Keyword Planner merging the functionalities of Traffic Estimator and Keyword Tool. State-of-the-art Keyword Planner allows finding ideas for ad group and new keywords. It is possible to get estimates on performance and bid according to your budget.

The current Keyword Planner Tool comes with advanced features allowing easy campaign building with measurable results. Here below are some aspects and their use.

Google Keyword Tool Merged With Keyword Planner Tool:

Using Keyword Planner for finding new keywords is similar to the use of the early Google Adwords Keyword Tool. We can help you search for different ideas relevant for your website, category, or specific keywords. Now, it is also possible to multiply these keywords, unlike before. You can combine multiple keywords for generating new ones. It makes local search relevant to specific localities instead of countries unlike earlier, which gave broader suggestions, and took time to sieve through the data. To target different regions and individual cities to ensure the success of your campaigns and attract definite groups enhancing your business possibilities.

Adding Keywords to Plan

For finding relevant keywords, matching them to a plan is necessary. This is an idea, shopping cart for adding to current and future campaigns. In the course of building a plan, keep on adding ideas, deleting them, or even change the existing bid range for the estimation of an aggregate cost or click. With KrishaWeb taking the responsibility of your keyword campaigns, it is possible to leverage the benefits associated with the all new keyword planners and garner the best results. Once we build a successful plan, the next step is picking up specific bids for getting detailed estimates.

Getting Performance Estimates

Reviewing your plan using the Google keyword planner allows you to get accurate performance estimates through detailed graphs related to your ad groups and keywords. Those who want to find a detailed estimate than regular must select bids and budgets. Other options include an update of targeted settings, ad groups, and keywords and this helps to refine your estimate further. We can help you to select the best plans from the available options and apply it in the course of regular or future campaigns.

There is no doubt that the new Google Keyword Planner Tool comes with enhanced capabilities for better search engine results. It supports varied workflows that help us to build successful campaigns and ad groups from scratch or use the existing lists. User experience now becomes more cohesive through integration of keyword selection analysis, graphing, besides filtering various aspects related to the workflow of keyword selection. We can get you access to Google Keyword Planner instantly and help you plan successful campaigns using this fantastic new tool.

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