Tips to make blog post easily shareable on social media

Updating blog regularly is important but getting readers engaged with your post is even more important for successful blogging. Whether you are releasing blog on your own website or on any other platform; if you cannot reach your targeted audience that won’t help your campaign.

Every online user is engaged with one or another social network nowadays. Today we are going to discuss some tricks that can help you to get the maximum social shares and engagement with your blog post. Social sharing is a kind of direct recommendation. When someone shares your content with their community; you can get more views and visibility through that social network. These five tips will help you to improve the social engagement.

Choose the blog topic wisely

The topic of the blog is the most important. Selection of the subject depends on the interest of your targeted audience. For example, if your blog is related to the basic tips and introduction about a specific technology of an industry; it will interest more of the beginners in that industry and if your blog is about the advance features and inventions in the industry, that will interest experienced persons in the industry. Make sure, who is your targeted audience and create the content which interest them. It will naturally increase the shares and comments on your blog. You also need to keep the current trends in mind while choosing the blog topic. If any topic is in trend means people are talking about that topic and writing about that topic will definitely leads to more social engagement. Google Trends is a great tool to know what is trending at the moment.

Proper optimization of the blog is necessary

Proper optimization of the blog includes adding suitable title, proper use of Meta tags and optimization of images, etc. When you create a descriptive title and optimized Meta tags, it helps readers to find your blog via search engine. You can display your blog in the best possible manner when someone shares it on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or any other platform if you have added the Meta tags as part of the post. Sometime best title for your blog post could not be the perfect when it gets shared on social networks. You can also experiment with the different titles to increase the shares and Tools, like Social Warfare allow you to customize the title when someone else shares your blog on a specific social network. You can customize social sharing title using plugins like Social Warfare.

A picture is worth a 1000 words

A good picture is an equal to a thousand words. Having a bright and attractive images in blog post makes it look well-structured and easy to read. Images are the most shared types of content on all the social media platforms in recent years. When all the social media platforms are getting image heavy, it is important to make image sharing easy in blog post. There are plug-ins like SumoMe that helps you make images easily sharable. When someone hovers on the image in blog post, they will see an option to share the image on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. Clinking on any of the social media icon will let them directly share that image on that specific social network. First, you need to create attractive image for the blog post and then encourage the readers to share it through such plugins.

Mobile optimized content and sharing options

Mobile is preferred more than the desktop to access internet. It clearly shows how important it is to have mobile optimized content for blog. When the majority of the visitors is accessing from mobile devices, the majority of the share is also going to be done using the mobile devices. You can use various mobile optimized social sharing plug-ins on your blog post. SumoMe’s share bar let users share the content easily through the mobile device. When someone browses your blog from a mobile device, a share bar appears across the bottom of the screen that makes it easy to share content. Users can directly share content on any social networks using this share bar. When you have such easy and obvious sharing options, your fans will definitely love to share the content.

Timing of the Post is the key

Post timing has a huge impact on the performance of the blog. It is important to know what time of the day and which day of the week is best to publish blog. The optimum time to publish the content depends on various factors like industry, type of content, your targeted audience, etc. Nobody can accurately predict the best posting time for any specific industry. You can only come to know about it after experimenting it by publishing blog at different times and measuring the results. It is purely a trial and error method. Different online tools can provide you the insights about the most active hours of your targeted audience. You can schedule your post around that time to get the utmost engagement. There are so many tools like Buffer, Hootsuite that allow you to schedule the posts on different social media platforms. You can analyze the performance of the post through analytics. Social network analytics like Facebook insights can also help you to find the best time to post the blog.

Along with using these specific strategies; you can also opt for few other tricks like posting the content on different online communities and re-sharing the content on different social platforms. Everybody likes to have maximum shares and comments on blog. These are the five best ways to get higher social attention. What are the other techniques you use to get better social engagement? Share your ideas in comment box below.

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