Creating Ad Groups 101: Basic structure for better performance

Keyword Phrase & Match Based

It’s one of the most common kind of grouping and still pretty useful to increase click through rate of your ads. If you have campaigns created for different product range, creating ad groups as per different keyword phrase type and match type is helpful in increasing your ad performance.

One important thing to note is, if you are running broad match keywords, such kind of grouping may or may not be effective to increase CTR as it is possible that broad match keywords may be triggering same ads as exact match keywords in different ad group.

So, you need to arrange the structure in such a way that the minimum conflict occurs between different ad groups or may use a couple of negative keywords as well if needed.

Product/Service Based

It is obvious and should be basic campaign structure you must have in your account. Each campaign or ad groups should be created around similar product range or services. If a specific product range have a variety of variants to offer and pretty much popular, you should create a separate campaign for that product range.

Keyword Labeling

If you are an experience Adword user and have good knowledge of Analytic and conversion measurement, you may want to label certain keywords which brings more conversions and certain keywords which play important role in bringing assisted conversion and few that don’t provide any value.

So, labeling keywords based on the behavior in driving profit to your business allows you to adjust the bid more efficiently. So, when the time comes, all you need to do is to adjust the bid for specific label instead of each keyword individually.

Location Based

Due to the features like local inventories, radius targeting, a bid optimizer for more relevant locations and evolution of techniques that allow us to bid aggressively for mobile searchers nearby our business location, it is a good habit to create a separate ad group that is designed to utilize all these features to attract local audiences by bidding aggressively.

Especially for the business which offers services to limited location around the city or the business like restaurants, hospitals, hotels where customers visit your business location, you can acquire more relevant leads as compared to other generic campaigns.

Festival / Seasonal

Everyone wants to have their part of profit at year-end holidays or other popular days like cyber Monday or Black Friday. No matter what your strategy is to drive sales during these days, you have to be aggressive in bidding and targeting.

So, it is advisable to create a personalize ad copies and other campaign setting related to these special days and instead of deleting these campaigns after holidays, it will be better to pause it and run again in the next year.

One of the most considerable benefits of this campaign is, you can compare the ad group statistics year by year and see what worked last year. So you can make better decision and drive better sales each year with observation and analysis of previous year sales statistics.

Experimental Bases

Hence, campaign experiments is the best way for doing experiments on certain portions of your campaign, hence if the quantity of keywords, variant of landing pages and ad copies are huge, you may adapt this method to do the same. You can learn more about campaign experiments in our last blog “Four Google Adword Features You Should be Aware of”.

With this, you may create a duplicate campaigns or ad groups and implement all changes that you wish to, as an alternative of your original ad group or campaigns and then run these changes in duplicate campaigns to see the increase in performance.

If the result of the experiment is satisfactory, you may implement these changes in your original one or pause the original one whatever is more convenient to you based on degree of changes you imposed.

Thus, above are some ad group structures that are generic and can be applied to any business. Creating personalized ad group based on your product promotional strategy or nature of business helps you manage it more efficiently.

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