What is Google panda? implications of Google panda on web world

Let us think about the situation of 10 to 15 years back when you are just entered into any business and you have to compete with giant of the contenders which are in the industry for many years. You may have better products and services but how you can reach to your potential customers from this giant web world?  SEO was the only name. By organic SEO it will take time to stand out from the huge crowd. When SEO consists of hardly 3 to 5 tricks and all around on-page factors mainly. Day to day it moved to off page factors and link building. Webmasters were trying to get more and more back links either organic or paid. Very few are concentrating on website optimization. Websites having little content and more adds and were not given attention to content and user friendliness. Content were written for only keywords and key phrases and the pages were made for keywords only. This was the scenario beforeGoogle Panda release. Google wants to filter out the websites that really useful for users and user will find interesting. Google is kicking out the websites having low quality and polluting internet. Google is improving user experience and quality of the content by Google Panda.

What is the Google Panda?

Google Panda is an algorithm developed by an engineer Mr. Navneet Panda at Google. First version of Panda released in February, 2011 and after that series of the updates released. We will discuss few basic concerns in this introduction blog which makes your website high-quality and gives a magic touch to your website from Panda’s point of view.

Avoid Thin Content-“Content is King”

What is thin content?

Thin content is the content written with the intention to rank higher on the SERPs for keywords without taking care of the subject and user experience, shallow content which doesn’t provide enough and clear information about the product or service, poor quality content with many spelling and grammatical mistakes, duplicate content copied from other website or elsewhere are called thin content. As the SEO Experts suggest that a web page must contain at least 30-35% unique content.

User Interface

What is User Interface?

User interface should be easy to understand and intractable for users. Too many links, advertising banners etc makes user interface difficult to understand. The whole website should be easily accessible for users as well. Internal navigation structure of the website should be strong enough. Link juice should not pass to advertising banner links, as it should be redirected to advertising server. Overall user interface should be designed for ultimate user not for search engine crawler.

User experience and engagement

How many users engaged with your website and for how much time they engaged? Every webmaster should ask a question to him. Most valuable factor in Google Panda is user experience, engagement and satisfaction. How much time the users spend on your website? How many pages a user visits in each visit? How many users come again and again on your website? You have to find the answer of all these questions. Again the phenomena is make your website for users and engage them with your website and ultimately with your brand.

Relevancy factors

If you have a website of tours and travels and you are linking to a website of education then Google Panda is enemy for you. You won’t pass link juice to that website as well. The same is true for vice versa. Always give reference of those who are related to your concept and engaged with same industry references.

Natural Link building

Link building is the heart of SEO and will remain forever, but now you need to get quality links as Panda can categorize links. Quality links are links those coming from related, high PR, high authority pages. Early techniques i.e. reciprocal links, link wheel, link baiting is no more good practice. Attract people by making your website excellent and force them to link back to you by your Excellency.

At the end the conclusion is

Google Panda has changed our view of seeing towards SEO. That is little difficult to discuss all in a single blog. If we want to describe whole Google Panda in one word, then it is the heart of the problem-intention. If you want to rank higher then do everything, which you feel helpful for your ultimate users. Do things with the intention to make life easier of your users. If you do any activities with the intention to fool search engine, you will be kicked out if not today than any other day. In this blog we have discussed the heart of panda Update. In next few blogs we will discuss Panda in detail but in as simple as possible way and find out the solution to extract best from organic SEO. Happy Reading!!

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