When the tech guys step in to college again

Life becomes a bit boring if you are not doing anything-different from your routine. Whether it is your personal life or your work place, doing unusual things make you feel charged up and ultimately it resulted in better productivity. This was the case with the young team of KrishaWeb Technologies.

Though we are very enthusiastic people, but nothing special has gone on since long back and that was seriously pretty unusual. Office life and environment was monotonous and energy was dropping a bit. So, we have decided to charge up the guys and thought to do something that happens very rarely in IT companies.

The idea was to let the whole team live their college life once again (obviously in the office). Celebration of different theme based days is one of the best memories any student can have during the college years. We have decided to rejoice those days again and planned to celebrate different days during the first two weeks of February 2015.

We have scheduled the days starting with the Black dress code day followed by group day; mismatch day, executive day and many more like this. Day celebration is over and everyone is back to the routine life. Let me take you a few weeks back while remembering the wonderful moments the celebration.

Man in Black – Making the impossible possible (3rd Feb – 2015)

We have started the series of days with the simple combination of wearing the black colored clothes on the first day. Everyone was excited about the days and the team was looking completely different in all black outfits. The reason for selecting the black was that we are very much impressed with the team of ‘Man in Black’ for whom nothing is impossible. We are also a desperate team working to make the impossible possible. It was a good start to set the nice tone to celebrate the upcoming days.

Group day (4th Feb – 2015)

The second day was group day. The groups of business developers, designers, front-end developers, web developers and digital marketers have their own dress code for the day. Business development guys were in very elegant red theme; creative designers were wearing funky yellow T-shirts and stylish cap. The web developers were in Eco Green outfits and digital marketers were looking all different in their “Tapori style”. The team front-end developers have selected the KrishWeb logo color theme and they were the standout performers of the Day 2.

Desk clean and mismatch day (5th Feb – 2015)

Can you imagine sophisticated IT guys wearing a completely mismatched dresses? They will look damn funny. This was the purpose of the day three. We came to know about lots of creative funny fashions by the teammates on that day. We have also added one more activity of cleaning the own desk on that day. It was our sincere effort to encourage everyone to keep everything clean around them. As charity begins from home; it was our first step in the direction of the Clean India initiative of the government of India.

Executive and chocolate day (6th Feb – 2015)

The fourth day was the Executive day along with the chocolate day. Everybody was in executive dressed up like wearing ties and blazers, girls in corporate shirts. One more activity we did that we offered chocolates to the colleagues. We have made some rules for the chocolates to make the things interesting.

We kept some specific chocolates representing persons’ characteristics. If someone feels that a person is the best guy in the team, he will give him different chocolate and if he feels that the person is a sick personality he will give the different chocolate. Everybody was excited about how many and more importantly, which chocolate their teammates are giving to them. It was a real fun getting reviews about the own personality by the teammates.

Traditional day (7th Feb – 2015)

It was the fifth day in a row and everybody was enjoying it like they have come back to the college life. Everybody was looking elegant in traditional Indian outfits on this day. Boys in the team were wearing traditional men’s garments (Kurta – Payjama most of them) and the girls were looking gorgeous in traditional Sarees.

Bollywood character day (9th Feb – 2015)

The days were becoming more and more interesting as the second phase starts. Everybody was supposed to come in the getup of any of his or her favorite Bollywood characters. It was looking like the whole Bollywood has come live in the office, as there were lots of celebrities working next to each other. There were also character of villains like Nana Patekar and Manoj Bajpai also the heroes like Arjun Kapoor and chocolaty Jackky Bhagnani. Girls in the group were highly excited about this day as a result we were able to meet almost every Bollywood beauty in the office.

Twins day (10th Feb – 2015)

Everybody has selected one teammate as his or her twin and the rule of the day was to look alike the twin brother/sister. Some of our colleagues have created the trio as well. All the twins have their own unique ideas and styles to become the perfect twins.

Culture day (11th Feb – 2015)

India is a county where people belong to different religion and cultures live together. The rule for the culture day was, everyone has to dress-up according to different cultures and religion of the country. Most of our colleagues have adopted the perfect look of different cultures and even it was difficult to even recognize them. South Indian Anna and the typically dressed Maharastrian Bhau were the show-stoppers of the culture day.

What if I would not be a Tech Guy? (12th Feb – 2015)

Everyone has an alternative future scope. This day was all about knowing your teammate’s alternative profession if they would not work in IT industry. The rule of the day was simple as the name suggests. You need to dress-up like different professionals you want to be. We were surprised to know that apart from IT tech guys; we do have Police, Cameraman, Journalists, Teachers and the Master Chiefs working daily with us.

Tattoo and Signature day (13th Feb – 2015)

Any day’s celebration can’t be completed without celebrating Signature day. Getting a tattoo is an extra twist in the celebration of the Signature day. Everybody got temporary tattoos on the different body parts. Everyone was in white T-shirt and giving signatures and also naughty messages were written on the T-shirts. Signature day I personally liked the most among all different days celebrated by the Krishaitions.

The whole team has enjoyed a lot during the day’s celebration. It was an amazing time for the whole KrishaWeb Technologies Team. Amazing photo shoot is the most common activity during the days that everyone enjoyed maximum. It was a real opportunity for the whole team to get together the memories as photographs.

Everyone is charged up and the big wave of positivity has made the KrishaWeb office at different work place. We also learned a lot about our colleagues and How to work as a team during these weeks. We never miss an opportunity to celebrate. And if there is no opportunity we don’t mind creating the opportunity. You can check our day’s celebration photos on KrishaWeb Technologies Flickr Page.

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