Weekly web industry updates – 01st August to 07th August,2015

Top stories of the Week (01st August 2015 to 07th August)

  • Non-Mobile Friendly websites dropping from search result
  • Bing Ads iOS App goes global
  • Google AdWords added bulk upload to mange shopping campaign
  • Facebook introduced “Live” – Video streaming feature for celebrities
  • Facebook empowers pages to provide Customer Support through Private Message
  • YouTube Desktop Web Player gets new look
  • AdWords rolled out drag-and-drop report editor
Non-Mobile Friendly websites dropping from search result

Google has announced months ago that they are going to prioritize the mobile friendly websites in search result. 21st April 2015 was the date when Google pushed the mobile friendly ranking algorithm. Moveable has tracked over 1000 eCommerce related keywords since then and produced a search result study report. According to the study, 77% websites on the page one are mobile friendly. 81% websites in top 3 ranking position are mobile friendly nowadays. It shows how important it is to get a mobile friendly structure for your online web store.

Bing Ads iOS app goes global

Bing Ads has introduced iOS App for USA users in April this year.  Bing Ads iOS App was available in USA till now. The company has announced on Tuesday the Bing Ads iOS App is now available globally. Bing has also announced that they are going to launch Android version of the App very soon. They have also made some new features to the updated app. For example, Performance graphs are now available at all levels of campaign, data presentation and analysis has become simpler with this update etc.

Google AdWords added bulk upload to mange shopping campaign

Managing product groups, bids, tracking templates and custom parameters have become simpler now with bulk operations feature in Google AdWords. Ability to make mass changes by the single operation makes campaign management easier. You can get the access of it from the Product Group tab in AdWords. “For tracking templates and custom parameters, you can make changes to all product groups that aren’t subdivided, except for those marked Excluded.” Google said to explain the working of the segment.

Facebook introduced “Live” – Video streaming feature for celebrities

Facebook has announced on Wednesday that they are introducing a new way to interact with the community initially for the celebrities through “live” video streaming feature. They can share the live video through Facebook Mentions app. Users can like, comment or share the video while watching the live streaming. You can also see when your friends start watching video. Live broadcast feature is available for few celebrities for now. Some of those superstars are Dwayne The Rock Johnson, Serena Williams,Luke Bryan, Ricardo Kaká, Ashley Tisdale, Lester Holt, Martha Stewart, Michael Bublé and more.

Facebook empowers pages to provide customer support through private message

Business pages  are able to send private message to users starting from 6th Aug. This is going to be a very crucial feature, especially for small businesses. Previously, the business was able to replay the users, only in the same channel where they have started the conversation. Business pages can send a direct message to users now. It will allow small businesses to provide a kind of a social customer support as users can also initiate the chat with business representative of Facebook Business Page.

YouTube Desktop Web Player gets new look

You must have noticed the new look of the YouTube web player if you are a regular watcher of YouTube Videos. YouTube has launched new HTML5 video player for desktop web users. This new player has a transparent control bar that disappears when you are not using it. The company has also updated the buttons and dropdown menus. “Google operating system blog” has first noticed the change that biggest video platform has been experimenting for months.

AdWords rolled out drag-and-drop report editor

Google has tested with the flexible reporting editor over a year from today. They finally rolled it out for AdWords users now. It has become really easy and quick to make pivot tables and charts through drag-and-drop report editor now. You can create custom report in table, Pie chart, bar and line charts by simply dragging and dropping dimensions and metrics. The company has told the community that the complete roll out of the update may take few months.

So, these are some of the most interesting stories of the week. I will catch you again next week with weekly web industry news round up. Till then happy surfing and have a wonderful weekend.

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