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Finally, the day arrived!

Yes, it was 14th Dec 2019 at the venue “Pandit Dindayal Upadhyay Auditorium” and everyone was curiously waiting for WordCamp Ahmedabad 3.0 event opening!

Usually, WordCamp is a two days event being organized globally in the WordPress Ecosystem. The first day is for knowledge sharing and networking in which sessions get delivered on WordPress Technology as well as on Inspirational Marketing and Soft Skills Development. And the next day is dedicated to WordPress Community Contributors.

To make a difference, the community had organized a Pre-event Party to introduce sponsors and speakers.

This year, Mr Parth Pandya, the President and Founder of KrishaWeb was leading the organizing team along with the active volunteers from the whole WordPress community of India & abroad.

Day 1 (Knowledge Exchange via Interaction, Networking & Fun!)

At 8:30 AM, the registration desk was crowded with attendees guided by volunteers queued to collect their passes. It is tough to lead and host such a big event for the global WordPress community with 900+ tech minds. Though, a well-organized schedule of the event was already defined and broadcasted on the official website of WordCamp Ahmedabad. After registration, the delicious breakfast was ready for all WordCamp attendees; while having delicious breakfast, attendees were networking with one another and ready to set up their full-day plan. Parth inaugurated the event with his opening remark followed by the national anthem.

As mentioned above, WordCamp Ahmedabad 2019 was a pre-scheduled event full of knowledge and power-packed sessions. The sessions were delivered by different speakers from the industry who are experts in their respective disciplines. You can check the list of speakers of WordCamp Ahmedabad 2019.

Between all these knowledge-sharing, networking and exciting activities, there was the attention-grabbing Sponsors Area. Yes, Sponsors Area was very huge and full of swags as a giveaway for all the attendees of WordCamp Ahmedabad.

Each and every booth was well equipped with company presentation flex banners, displays, standees and other marketing materials. Also, sponsors had planned contests as a part of knowledge sharing, networking and fun. All the booths are decorated nicely with different brand-related themes and they have come up with many different swags too. We found many swags like T-shirts, umbrellas, pouches, key chains, diaries, different pens, unique stickers and yes the bumper prizes were there in the form of Alexa enabled speakers, earphones and many more. KrishaWeb was a JAZZ (GOLD) SPONSOR of this event and had a beautifully decorated booth with a “Spin & Win lucky wheel” contest. To participate in this contest, each individual participant had to spin the wheel and try his/her luck and tweet it on Twitter. KrishaWeb was there with exciting swags such as Keychains, T-shirts, cool water bottles, umbrellas and many other HubSpot swags.

The most interesting thing about this conference was that Google joined the WordCamp Ahmedabad event as a CLASSICAL (PLATINUM) SPONSOR for the very first time.

Everyone was enjoying this event like “How’s the JOSH! -> High Sir!”.

After a few power-packed sessions with speakers, we reached the lunch break at 12:30 PM. A delightful lunch was ready for all.

Each and every moment was like a party moment having special Gujarati taste in the lunch.

After completing the lunch everyone was in the auditorium because all the attendees were having an idea that there was a surprise waiting for them. The surprise was a “WordPress Quiz”. As a result of the quiz, 3 lucky winners were announced with exciting gifts.

Resuming the event with surprises and back-to-back powerful sessions, all were gaining new things at each session of specialized speakers. On the other side, the sponsors’ area was more and more crowded with tech geeks with cheers and joy. Sponsor companies were inviting all the attendees to visit their booths and interact with them. During this fun, every company was announcing the chances to play and win Bumper Prizes as a part of a special quiz or contest.

Time-lapse… at 4:00 PM there was a “Tea Break” with snacks (again it’s a time for individual networking!!!)

After having a tea break, all went back to the auditorium to listen to the hilarious remaining sessions. Around 5.30 PM, all sessions were completed and we were moving towards the closing remark by Aslam Multani. He concluded by thanking all organizers, volunteers, speakers, sponsors and attendees. He appreciated and praised the great efforts of organizers and volunteers and of course the tremendous energy of all attendees with their gracious presence.

He had also invited all to join the after-party that was held in order to celebrate the success of the event in the evening at an open-air theatre with a nice band.

After Party – Sponsored by Microhost

As usual, the tradition of Afterparty at WordCamp Ahmedabad remained unique. This time organisers brought the most popular “Satv” live band to perform some of the most melodious Bollywood and classical songs. The enthusiasm of each and every attendee was depicting the clear success of the whole event during the after-party. All were enjoying and dancing happily even after getting tired of the whole day’s back and forth.

There was a special “Kathiyavadi meal” arranged by the organizing team as the after-party dinner.

The Contributor’s Day

The second day, 15th Dec 2019 was dedicated to the contributors in the WordPress community. Everything was well planned at the venue of the Ganpat University Office at Ganesh Meridian, Sola, Ahmedabad.

Read here in brief about Contributor’s Day

This year, it was something different than the regular year for Contributor’s Day.

Beyond just networking and contributing on various channels, all the contributors were open to sharing their WordCamp experiences, how they feel and what were the significant benefits they got by attending this WordCamp or some other WordCamps too.

And at 4:00 PM with closing remarks, we wrapped up the WCAhmedabad version 3.0.

It was really a wonderful experience for the whole KrishaWeb team to organize and make this WordCamp Ahmedabad 2019 a happening event. Such events are all about learning new things, meeting people, making new friends and creating lifetime memories.

Last but not least, kudos to the whole WordCamp Ahmedabad 2019 organizing team and volunteers to successfully complete such an amazing event at this scale. We all are looking forward to having such a rocking WordCamp in 2020.

You can check out the glimpses of Team KrishaWeb at WordCamp Ahmedabad 2019.

@WCAhmedabad resonated great enthusiasm. It was an incredible experience learning and networking at one of the biggest WordCamps in India. We extend our gratitude to all organizers, speakers, volunteers for making it successful. #WCAhmedabad #WCAhmedabad2019 #KrishaWeb pic.twitter.com/W1qdWJ1MpK

— KrishaWeb (@KrishaWeb) December 16, 2019

If you have also attended this WordCamp Ahmedabad 2019 or any other WordCamp about which you would like to share! You can share those experiences in below comment box… Thank You!

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