YouTube allows to make custom Channel URL matches with brand name
Friday, Dec 05, 2014 / Youtube / KrishaWeb

YouTube allows to make custom Channel URL matches with brand name

The company stated in it’ s official blog

“When Tati joined YouTube, her username was GlamLifeGuru, which made her channel’s URL But as her channel grew, her fans embraced “Tati” as her brand. So her channel web address — often the quickest way back for her fans to watch more of her content — didn’t match her channel name and branding… To make sure creators like Tati and all of you have a consistent place for new and existing fans to find you, we’re introducing an easier way to pick custom URLs that match your channel names and branding.”

For that your YouTube account must have accomplished some standards that the company has set to make you entitled.

To be enabled to take this opportunity, Your YouTube account must follow the terms and conditions of YouTube. You must have more than 500 subscribers, your channel must be at least 30 days old, channel must have uploaded a photo for a channel icon, channel must have uploaded channel art. If you are succeeding the above terms, you may receive notification to do so.

Google will start sending emails or notifications to the eligible YouTube creators in starting this week, allowing them to create a custom Channel name.

The most important thing is that you can change this URL for once only. So be careful while selecting new URL. YouTube will suggest you some URL choices based on your channel description. You may select from the suggestions or go for your desired name.

If you are qualified for a custom URL and received an email or notification, follow the Steps to customize your YouTube Channel URL.

  • Sign In to your YouTube Account
  • Click on the included link in your notification, notification Email of “Get a new custom URL”.
  • By clicking on “Get a New custom URL” You’ll be redirected to claim a custom URL.
  • You’ll see the custom URL(s) you’ve been approved for. These cannot be changed. If the new URL name already exists, you need to add a few letters or numbers to make the URL unique to you.
  • Click on “I agree to the Terms of Service” box, then click Change URL in the bottom left corner.
  • This URL will be linked to both your YouTube channel and your Google+ identity.

Your subscribers will automatically redirect to your new channel URL if they try to reach you via old URL.


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