Revamped quality guideline by Google Maps for local pages

Google has announced the new revamped local places quality guideline on 1st December. Jade Wang from Google has announced in the Google Business help forum about the guideline update. He wrote: “We’ve updated and clarified our quality guidelines for local pages. Please read the new version here, and, as always, feel free to contact our support team with any specific questions about your account.

Many webmasters and SEOs have analyzed the changes in the quality guideline and after comparing it with the previous guideline; they found this version of the quality guideline is completely revamped. Business results for the local searches have been the area of concern for the SEOs and business owners. It becomes more essential to get business mapping right in Google map results if you are operating area specific business.

These are some important takeout and some obvious changes in the updated quality guideline noted by some of the industry experts.

  • Descriptors are not allowed in the business name. So now a Web Design firm can’t add the phrase “Web Design Firm” along with the Business name.
  • Categories you select should NOT be overarching or general. You have to select very specific category for your business now.
  • If you are running a multi chain business from different locations, all your business locations should have same business name and listed under the same category.
  • Not more than one brand at one location is allowed. If two different brands are using the same address; they should pick up one brand name.
  • Different departments of your business must have different business pages listed under the sole category.
  • Individual practitioners like doctors, lawyers or real estate agents can create their individual pages and can include the details of title or degree certification.
  • Virtual offices are NOT allowed now unless it is staffed.

Still, there is a group of business folks who are thinking that such update will not affect the local search results. But if we closely observe the changes Google has made; could be the sign that Google intends to clean up the junk in Google maps search result in the upcoming days. Does your business page compile the latest requirements of the local page quality guidelines? Share your queries regarding the quality guideline update in the comment box below.

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