YouTube announced production studio in Mumbai, India

India is one of the top consumers of the YouTube Videos in recent years. That is the reason why Indian users have got the offline YouTube feature before any other country.  According to a recent study; Data upload on YouTube have been doubled by the Indian users in the last few years. Looking on all these facts and opportunity with the Indian creators, YouTube has decided to set up the YouTube Space for video production in Mumbai, India. This YouTube Space will be featured with high-end audio, visual and editing equipment. YouTube Space in collaboration Whistling Woods International (WWI) School will provide the training programs and practical workshops to Indian creators.

Head of YouTube Space in Asia Pacific, David Macdonald has said on the Google India Blog; “India is seeing an emergence of a new generation of YouTube creators who are capturing the color, music, humour, and drama of India more creatively than ever before. In fact, Indian creators are now amongst the top contributors in Asia when it comes to driving time spent on YouTube watching videos,” He added,  “To support this incredible community of YouTube creators and foster the next generation of talent, YouTube has partnered with one of Asia’s largest and most renowned film schools, Whistling Woods International, to set up a new YouTube Space in Mumbai”. 

The YouTube Space project was started back in 2012 to provide a promising opportunity and high-grade equipment to filmmakers to create quality content. YouTube Video Creators have visited the YouTube Space over 100,000 times since then. They have also organized over 800 events and workshops and created more than 11,000 videos. Mumbai is only the seventh place to own a YouTube Space studio joining the cities like Los Angeles, London, Tokyo, New York City, Sao Paulo and Berlin. YouTube Space Mumbai will be developed in the Mumbai film city.

YouTube Space Mumbai is going to be the place where creators will be able to collaborate, innovate and experiment with different types of content. It will provide an unlimited opportunity to learn new things, connect with the fellow creators across the globe and create great content, experimenting with all the latest audio, visual and editing equipment to emerging Indian creators.

YouTube is asking Indian creators, ‘what they would like to create if they had the space?’ Creators can appraise their wish following the #ifihadspace on all social media platforms. The company has not revealed the exact date, but YouTube Space Mumbai is expected to come into action by the end of 2015.

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