Android 6.0 Marshmallow is the official Android mobile OS update

Following the Tasty Naming Tradition Google has defined the latest Android OS version (Android 6.0) as “Marshmallow”.  It has been called ‘Android M’ as it was in preview mode so far. So the guessing of ‘What M stands for in Android M?’ is over now. ‘M’ in Android M is to represent Android Marshmallow. The company has unveiled the Marshmallow statue at the Google campus in Mountain View on 17th August. Google has also released the final finished Android 6.0 SDK and third final Marshmallow software preview for the developers on their developer’s site. Marshmallow is basically focused on the functional enhancement and the features like Google Now on tap, Android Pay, New App Permission Model etc.

Features of Marshmallow

The Android Marshmallow update is mainly focused to provide the stability and improvements in the system performance. It doesn’t come with the enticing features like Android Lollipop but the company has modernized the things to provide better user experience. Marshmallow Colorful Boot Animation is one of the most interesting features of the OS update. Other features of Marshmallow  are  the Streamlined App permissions, Google “Now on tap”, Custom tabs in Chrome, Volume controls simplification, Android Pay, Built-in fingerprint scanner support and support for the USB Type-C standards etc.

New App permission model

Google has announced that Android Marshmallow will allow users to have much more authority over which permissions apps need. In simple terms, Apps in Android Marshmallow will only ask permission for information when they need it. According to the new permission model, there are only eight permission categories and Applications that will not granted with all permissions during the time of installation. This new app permission model will work only for the apps built for Android Marshmallow. Other Apps will grant the permission as before.

Android Pay and Standardized fingerprint support

Built-in fingerprint scanner is the new feature that brings a persistent biometric experience to the Android Marshmallow. Fingerprint recognition system allows you to unlock the device, authenticate user identity on Play Store and make payment through ‘Android Pay’. Android Pay lets you make payment from your android device at retail stores or for in-app purchase by authenticating user identity through fingerprint scanning. It is considered to be the safest purchasing method where user’s actual payment card details will not be shared throughout the payment process.

Power and charging

Google is using new function called “Doze” to improve the device standby time. This function will reduce the device’s background activity when device is not physically handled or left still. The company has tested with two Nexus 9 devices, one running on Lollipop and other on Marshmallow. A device powered with Marshmallow provides two-times longer device standby time. Android Marshmallow has also provided support for the USB Type-C standards. USB Type-C provides faster charging and also let users charge other devices using their Android Phone.

A third and final version of the Android M (Android Marshmallow) has been released for all Nexus devices (Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Nexus 9 and Nexus Player Devices) on 17th August 2015. Android users who are not using Nexus devices have to wait for the mobile companies to adopt the Android Marshmallow to get the OS update for their device. Samsung Mobile has not commented anything about the OS upgrade yet. Other mobile companies like HTC, Sony, LG and Motorola etc. are going to provide the Android 6.0 Marshmallow support for some of their mobile devices very soon.

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