Google AdWords announced a new extension for shopping ads

Google Shopping Product Manager, Tom Beyer has posted interesting news on the Official AdWord Blog. Google AdWords is going to implement a new free of cost automated extension for the Product Listing Shopping Ads. This extension will help shoppers to browse, research and compare different products from the Google Search Results. AdWords is going to replace the Promotional Text feature with this automated extension in shopping ads (PLAs).

Advertiser can manually add custom promotional content in the Ad Copy using the Promotional Text feature. Google is shutting down this feature to provide the information that is more useful to users through the automated extension. Google AdWords will use the existing information that any advertiser has provided in Merchant Center settings and data feed to show features like free shipping, reduced price and other promotional offers in the shopping ads. Automated extension will show the merchant promotions like discounts and promo codes, product ratting and Google trusted store certification in the ads.

According to the initial study, users prefer new automated extension to promotional text. It drives more Click Through Rate (CTR) for the shopping ads. If you are currently using the Promotional Text feature, you don’t need to do anything with the ad copy. It will be automatically replaced with the new extension.  You can better take the benefit of this feature by enrolling in merchant promotions, securing Google trusted store certification and signing up for product ratings. These are going to be the significant factors that will decide what this extension will show in your ads.

Google is looking to make shopping easy directly from Google Search. Though this extension is not available in all countries, Google AdWords will decide when it will be available for the advertisers in all countries.

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