Features that make YouTube better adverting platform

YouTube is the second most used search engine after Google. People are getting used to watch, like, share and search video information on YouTube nowadays. Being the most preferred source of visual information YouTube also keep improving the service to provide the excellent surfing experience to viewers, publishers as well as the advertisers. Director of Video Ads Product Management at YouTube, Diya Jolly has shared the future advancements of YouTube Advertising at IAB Mixx on Tuesday. Future advanced features of YouTube Advertising are mainly focused around the interactivity of the content, mobile centric interface and precise measurement insights.

Turn your videos into virtual showroom through Shopping Ads

YouTube has been working hard to make the videos interactive and shorten the distance between the video ads and actually purchase. The company is bringing brand new feature called ‘Shopping Ads’ to help advertisers focusing on product-based videos. Such ads will show users a ‘click-to-buy’ button within the partnered videos. And the best part is that just like Google, Advertisers have to pay only when any user clicks on the ad. It has the same format as the ‘cards’. When any user will click on the ‘i’ icon on the top right of the video, they will be able to view the shopping ads associated with the video. Shopping Ads will use the existing product feed in Merchant Center to get the required information. It is a great tool not only for Advertisers but also for content publishers to earn revenue through video contents.

Determined to deliver better experience on pocket devices

As per the latest studies, YouTube mobile viewership is continuously growing.  An average viewing session on the mobile device is more than 40 minutes now. YouTube is bringing new ad format that help advertisers to reach the audience on all screen sizes. YouTube has introduced TrueView for app promotions in display networks that make it even better place to promote mobile apps. YouTube has also enabled the app promotion ads in specific gaming content on YouTube. So, advertisers will be able to promote mobile apps or games on the related gaming content available on the platform. Advertisers will be able to bid per app install for such app install campaigns.

Google customer match and measurement tools

YouTube advertisers will be able to approach right audience at the right time using the Google’s ‘Customer Match’. It is the latest product from Google that will let advertisers target the people based on the email lists they have. This product works seamlessly across all Google services like Search, Gmail and YouTube. The company is also focusing on providing better measurements and insights about the ads performance to understand the result of the advertising efforts. YouTube has expanded the ‘Brand Lift’ to precisely monitor the organic keyword search lift associated to brand in both the search engines and YouTube.

First decade of the YouTube has been exceptional. You can expect some really advanced feature updates in the video search network approaching the second decade. I am not sure when all discussed features will be available for all advertisers, but it will certainly make YouTube a better place for advertising and revenue generation.

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