Google includes ticket links, delegated listings, comedians and venues in event knowledge graph

The Knowledge Graph is the knowledge base used by the Google to provide better and specific search results to the users. Google gathers data from different online resources to show information about specific search term. It also allows webmasters to provide specific information via placing structured data markup from on the webpage.

Google has started this service in 2012 and they have made many updates to provide the detailed search results. In March 2014, Google has started letting musicians to list their upcoming events on Google knowledge graph via markup on their official website. Google has extended the program and released an update to event knowledge graph to benefit performers and their fans both.

Google has added four new features to their event mark up.

Official ticket links:

This feature is for artists. Artists can now add on-sale date, availability of tickets and a direct link to a preferred ticketing site if they mark up ticketing links along with the event on the official website. Google will show an expanded answer card for the event related search. You can write this event markup directly into website’s HTML or you can also install an event widget to create markup automatically.

Delegated event listing:

This feature is for someone who can’t add markup or event widget to their official website. Delegation markup lets you notify the source of your event from the other website.  You need to add delegation markup to your home page ensuring you have put the correct values of “name”, “URL” and “Event”. It will mark up the events found on the other website page and then be entitled for Google event feature.

Comedian events:

Comedians can also get the support of event markup now. They can show their performance details in Google search by adding ComedyEvent markup on their official website. They can also use delegation markup for their website to point their way from other website hosting their performance listing.

Venue events:

Google will now show the performance venue in search. No matters where you are performing; concert venue, theater, libraries or at any other location. You can make your upcoming event eligible for Google search by adding Event markup to your official website.

If the primary ticket holder who provides markup is ticketing your event; you don’t need to do anything. According to Google they will use the ticketer’s markup and apply to your venue’s event listing or you can also directly add venue to your event markup in HTML.

These additional information about a specific event or artist in the search result will definitely help searchers to plan for the event.

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