Google translate app will let you to translate voice to text soon

Google is planning to update their Google translate app to make it more accurate and feature-rich in near future. The New York Times has reported that the updated version on the Google translate application will automatically detect the language and will also provide the voice to text translation for a few languages.

Users need to choose the source and destination language in the current application, but that will not be the case with the updated version of the translate app. It will automatically recognize the language being spoken as an input and translate it into a written text form of destination language. Google translate will offer the written translation of 90 different languages and will be able to recognize few popular spoken languages. Google has also announced another feature of the app where a user can aim their phone at a foreign street sign and it will automatically translate the message on screen.

Google has been in practicing a lot for providing a perfect translation of the languages. They have introduced the real time translation and speaking options feature back in 2009 and were working continuously to make it better. Large number of users use the Google translate application to take off the language barrier from the communication. Real time translation from voice to text is going to be a big step forward by the Google.

Microsoft’s Skype has launched their “Translator preview” in the last month on 2014 that enables real time voice-to-voice translation between the people speaking different languages. While Google directly offers a translation feature for the Chrome users, there are other services like Bing Translator and others that users use to translate the web page. It looks like Google is set to follow the suit of the translation technology upgraded by the Microsoft and other competitors.

According to Google more than 100 million users have installed the Google translate application in their Android devices and most of them are going to get the update in the application.

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