How to Hire a Laravel Developer in 2024 [A Comprehensive Guide]

If you are seeking to hire a Laravel developer, it is likely that you are creating a web application that follows the MVC model and features a reliable backend system. Laravel has proved itself as a robust, secure, scalable framework to build complex websites and enterprise solutions. With more than 44,000 websites under its belt, Laravel is increasingly becoming popular as one of the best web development frameworks. Finding its developers is a task of searching for the best of the lot with expertise in developing layered applications.

Today, we are putting light on this very important topic that often runs across the minds of Startups and medium-scale business owners.

Pre-requisites to Hire Laravel Developers

First and foremost, as a business owner, you need to be clear about the scope of your project. Whether you want a basic website or a fully-fledged layered application like a web portal or eCommerce site. You need some clarity about the frontend and backend systems which are essential for the project. Clear estimation of the time frame is essential as the MVC model compresses project development time by a considerable margin. Whether your project needs post-deployment support or not? Putting your attention on all these factors will help to figure out what level of Laravel experts you need for your project.

Now, let us move forward to the hiring process of Laravel experts for your project.

How to Hire a Laravel Developer: Hiring Process

Categorically, there are three essential steps to finding the best Laravel developer.

They are listed as follows:

Define the scope, budget and timeframe for the project

Your project scope, overall development budget, time required to complete the entire project and post-project assistance are some of the main considerations. For example, when you have a tight budget, you need to hire Laravel developers from countries where the currency is low as compared to yours. This will get you excellent developers at a much more reasonable rate. When you are running out of time, you need experts who can work from scratch to finish at the quickest hour possible. This way, you need to weigh the requisites before starting the search for the development team.

Focus on generating the candidate profile

As per the scope of your project, you can find the relevant merits in a Laravel developer. It will help you create an ideal candidate profile so that hiring becomes easy. Define a clear-cut role and skillset required from the developer so that your HR team can find the best resource for your project. If you want to hire an entire team, then divert your search to the best Laravel development company.

Prepare a job description based on the skills

Based on the project requirements and the company’s expectations, you can prepare a job description for the candidate. Apart from the technological knowledge, list down the soft skills that you need for the project. This will increase your confidence in the developer and even smoothen the road for development. It will reduce the burden of the hiring team as they can easily shortlist people who match the job description.

List the factors that matter

Depending on the project requirement, you need to figure out whether a candidate matches the requisites or not. There are multiple factors to consider before zeroing down on the right candidate. Let us discuss these parameters as we progress.

Factors to Consider When You Hire Laravel Developers

Check the candidate’s Laravel prowess

The foremost thing is to check the candidate’s Laravel proficiency. Depending on the project, you need to see the experience, success ratio, approach and attitude of the person. Check the problem-solving ability and team spirit to see if they will be able to manage ad-hoc technical or non-technical issues.

Experience in your kind of project

When you want to hire Laravel developers, you need to see if they have experience working on your kind of project. If they have accomplished projects with similar lines of definition, then they will easily fit in. Otherwise, you need to mend ways in between and perhaps give them more time to complete your project. So, check the niche industry, area of expertise and reviews from previous employers.

One-to-one interview

Apart from the theory given on the resume, they should be analyzed for their actual work and problem-solving techniques. This can be done through a thorough interview process. Ask real-life scenarios based on the project scope to check if the candidate will be able to match the required technical skillset. Questions about OOP, MVC handling, APIs, waterfall model, scrum, agile methodology, HTML, JSS, CSS and PHP, are a must.

Soft skills are a must

Communication and collaboration are integral parts of any project, technical or otherwise. You need to select Laravel developers with the right spirit to avoid hassles in the future. Check the candidate’s potential on all these grounds to see if they are flexible enough to shoulder the project or not.

Customer-centric approach

The candidates should understand your business goals well enough to design a successful application. Analyze their attitude towards meeting the expectations of the customers. Go through their rapport with their previous customers and how they added value to those projects.

Cost estimation for the right candidate

You need to understand that an accomplished Laravel developer will cost higher than any run-of-the-mill guy. If your project demands an expert, then you should be able to do so. This can be done by estimating the project development cost in advance. Once you are clear about the budget, you will be able to select developers that fit into the budget. Choose from fixed, hourly, weekly or freelance models. While freelancers are cheap, they may not offer the dedication required for the project. Look for stable resources especially when you want post-deployment support services as well.

Laravel Developer Skills, Roles, and Responsibilities

Let us list some of the most important skills to look for when you hire a Laravel developer. You can add more following your project, but the following are a few of the must-haves.

Absolute coding knowledge

Command over Laravel and other web development technologies is a must. Scan it as the first thing in the resume. Although Laravel has a friendly syntax, it demands fair knowledge of coding and choosing beginners with little or no coding experience, could be a big disaster.

Database skills

Whether you want to build an eCommerce site or an enterprise application, Laravel developers need to have a strong grip on the database management part. This is the way your application will communicate with and through the data stored in the system. So, make sure that the developer has hands-on knowledge of standard DBMSs like MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL, etc.

OOP & MVC concepts

As Laravel follows the MVC model and uses Object Oriented Programming, the developer must know everything about using classes, methods, objects and other coding concepts. You can check all these aspects during the personal interview time.

Web development experience

Apart from the theory part, the development team must be well-versed in web development approaches, strategies, issues and solutions. They should have worked on developing web solutions to ensure that your project lives up to the expectations. Ask for their portfolio and go through it astutely. Knowledge of project management systems and models like agile, scrum, etc. helps in converting a project into success. It will help to get the project finished within the deadlines.

Soft skills are vital

Problem-solving techniques, creative ability, confidence, team spirit, flexible approach, excellent communication skills, punctuality, etc. are some of the necessities of efficient project management. Do check them out in an ideal Laravel developer.


Whether you are a Startup or a medium-scale enterprise, the above points will help you get the best Laravel developer for your website. You need to do some research from your side before jumping into finding the best web development team. It may take a few days to figure things out, so plan accordingly.

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