The Cost to Hire Laravel Developers: A Complete Guide

Gauging the cost to hire Laravel developers? Well, you have landed at the right place. Laravel is one of the most revered PHP frameworks for building full-scale web and enterprise applications. It is considered the best regarding security, coding flexibility, scalability, architecture and features. Undoubtedly, one of the most preferred web development frameworks, Laravel has proved its caliber to the technological world.

Brief About Laravel

Developed by Taylor Otwell in 2011, Laravel is a free, open-source PHP framework that follows the MVC model and is based on Symfony. It has numerous pre-packaged tools and resources that facilitate ease of application development, caching, authentication, and other features with its sheer architectural structure. With more than 44,000 websites trusting it as the framework, Laravel certainly ranks high in popularity.

Popular Robust Features of Laravel Include the Following

Model-View-Controller Model

The MVC model helps to build faster web applications by separating the presentation layer from the business logic part. So, developers and designers can work separately and merge their modules to get one, uniform application.

Blade Template Engine

It combines multiple templates and data models to form a unique view. By offering a custom view and with its own control structures, loops and coding logic, the template engine facilitates developers with a streamlined development process.

Object-oriented libraries

The libraries with their pre-defined functions simplify the coding efforts and reduce development time & cost. They make Laravel a framework that supports quick web application development.

No need to learn SQL

The eloquent ORM of Laravel makes it easy for developers to interact with the database without SQL. So, they don’t need to have a knack for SQL and still manage data exchange and enjoy ActiveRecord implementation.

Large community support

Being open source, Laravel enjoys extensive community support where Laravel experts and developers from across the globe participate to solve queries. They also come up with new features and updates to keep the framework efficient.

Once we are done with the obvious benefits of Laravel, we should go through some of the key responsibilities played by Laravel developers. By knowing these details, you will have more clarity about hiring them.

Key Responsibilities of Laravel Developers

If you want a development team that masters Laravel and builds your web application like a pro, you need to look out for some specific technological and professional skills. Following are a few such requisites:

Coding knowledge

Your team of web developers must have absolute know-how in Laravel, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, etc. They should be able to bring forth their coding skills to build real-time, web and enterprise solutions.

Database know-how

Database management skills can make or break your application. Choose developers with an industry experience in building applications like yours. They must have a proven track record of working on DBMSs like MySQL, Microsoft SQL, and Oracle 12c.

Expertise in OOP and MVC

Your development team should be well-versed with OOP, MVC and the concepts of classes, methods, objects, etc. Schedule interviews to figure out if they have a knack for all these things to gauge if they will match your expectations or not.

Web development expertise

When you count the cost to hire a Laravel developer, you must weigh their dexterity in web development approaches, their ability to resolve ad-hoc issues, and proficiency in project management models like Waterfall, Scrum, etc.

Soft skills are a must

They should have good communication skills, confidence, a positive attitude, a problem-solving approach, team spirit, etc. to be able to execute the project in a refined manner. Meeting deadlines, frequent reporting, collaborative mindset are must-have soft skills.

Factors that Affect the Cost of Hiring Laravel Developers

There are three major factors that influence the cost to hire Laravel developers that should be considered in advance to figure out the best approach for web development. These factors have a high impact on the budget and development time.


When you hire Laravel developers from India, you have far more chances of getting a pocket-friendly deal than those from Europe and the USA. So, if you have a limited budget or want to save on the development cost, put your eyes on the best outsourcing companies from India. You can get developers at half the hiring cost than the Western countries.

Scope of the project

The cost to hire Laravel developers will depend highly on the scope of the project. A simple web application will take less time to build and deploy, while a complex, feature-rich, fully-fledged application will demand more time, effort and expertise. Naturally, you will have to pay high for all these aspects.

Experience of resources

When you want quality work, you need to invest in experienced developers with expertise in delivering flawless projects. It is recommended to not choose a newbie development team, especially for medium to large-scale projects. So, you must consider this aspect while planning a budget for the website.

Apart from these major factors, the overall cost also depends on the hiring model you choose. Varying between fixed prices, hourly rates and the cost of hiring an entire team, you need to choose according to your project needs and budget.

Cost to Hire a Laravel Developer by Region (Approx.)

As we mentioned before, the cost of developers from Western countries is much higher than those in other countries.

If we talk statistically, then

  • Australian developers charge the highest (anywhere between $100 and $150) and
  • Indians & Ukrainians charge the lowest (starting at $20/hour)
  • Americans charge between $30 and $100
  • Europeans will cost you $50-$100 an hour

Final Words…

When you compile the cost to hire Laravel developers, sit back and think about the overall costs. Factors like your overall project scope, the development team, their location, experience, project complexity, timeframe, infrastructure, scalability and support, are a few to consider. You can add more to your list so, write them down. Check the cost of each point and then estimate the entire application development cost. This will give you a reality check and perspective for the project, budget and even cost cutting if needed.

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