How Much Does It Cost to Hire a React Developer?

React website cost is a discussion worth investing time in, as the frontend framework is trusted by top companies like BBC, Whatsapp, Netflix, Twitter, Uber, Airbnb, etc. These matchless business giants invest in React and that itself is proof of its efficacy. As is common knowledge, React is a frontend development framework and Java library, used for building dynamic, interactive, quick-loading web applications. With React developers don’t need to reload UI components for web and mobile sites. These merits make it a top choice for building web and mobile apps for business websites, media sites, 3D games, AR/VR, and cross-platform applications.

Today, we will focus on estimating the cost of React website and the cost of hiring a React developer.

Why Do You Need a React Developer for Your Website?

React is best used for building UI parts of single as well as multiple-page applications and fully-fledged websites. React facilitates the design team to generate creative, innovative, flawless frontend by combining UI components into a complete interface.

Obvious uses of React Framework

  • Creating interactive web interfaces which don’t require frequent reloading of the pages.
  • React makes designing easy by fixing components into the entire user interface.
  • Implementing complex program structures is made easy through React.
  • Augments new interface irrespective of the technology stack used during the initial designing phase.
  • Forming the base architecture of single and multiple-page applications without additional load.
  • For building server-side applications and mobile interfaces.

As React is flexible in script conventions and file organizing, design teams can get a free hand to come up with innovative, atypical designs. React works on as tiny an element as a button and even builds an entire UI. There has been constant growth in the use of React. The simple reason is that React works on a declarative approach, where one knows the result in advance. Therefore, coding becomes easy and debugging even easier. This way, React optimizes the development of UIs.

Now that we are clear about the benefits of React and its revered uses, let us put attention to the skillset required in a React developer.

Essential Skills a React Developer Should Possess

Categorically, the skills required are defined into two forms:

Hard Skills

These are the technological skills required to build a web application. React developers must have absolute knowledge of JavaScript and ECMAScript. Apart from these, they should be clear about JS scopes, DOM implementation, prototypal inheritance etc.

Knowledge of HMTL, CSS, and tools like Webpack, NPM and Yarn is a must. They should have expertise in handling software packages and tools for building the front end.

Design reviews, technical reviews of UIs, debugging and correcting errors in the UI, are a few of the tasks of a React developer.

For a fully functional web application, choose React developers with at least 1 to 3 years of experience.

They must collaborate with the DevOps team to deploy the technical product without any hassles.

A brownie point for developers with dexterity in testing architecture. And knowing cloud solutions like AWS, Google Cloud and Azure are simply matchless.

Soft Skills

The must-have soft skills in React developers are as described below:

They should be confident about their craft and must have the ability to deal with ad-hoc issues that may crop up during the development phase.

They should be well versed in project management methods to pace up the execution of the design and development phase.

Possess excellent communication skills to interact with clients and come up with solutions for their queries.

Team spirit will help minimize internal conflicts so that the team can work as a whole to deliver desired results.

Should have the idea of converting a business into a brand. They should implement the front end with a far-sighted approach to creating solid brand value.

Punctuality is a virtue in the technical field. It reduces delays and minimizes project development costs. Adherence to deadlines is expected.

How Can You Hire a React Developer?

The React website cost will highly depend on the strategy you follow to hire React developers. As developers form the basis of the web development team, it matters a lot to build a strategy that gets you the best resources at pocket-friendly prices. Most people go for any one of the cooperation models, which are described as follows.

In-house team

It is all about collecting the whole team under one roof. When you bring in all developers in one office setup, you get an in-house team that works dedicatedly for your project. Regular salaries, perks and employee benefits are a part of this model. Naturally, it is very expensive.

Staff Augmentation

This model is chosen when a business already has a web development team. They need additional resources and developers to fulfil diverse technological and management requisites of the project. Hiring from established third-party companies saves time, effort and money.

Outsource Vendor

This is the simplest one where you outsource the React development work to an existing company with stable resources for the same. For this, you need to choose a reliable company with ample experts to serve your project. It is a cost-effective option.

Outsourcing React development is the best alternative as it offers many advantages over other options. Some of them are:

  • Minimizes development cost with cheap labour and saves the cost of infrastructure as well.
  • By choosing experienced professionals, you experience a high level of efficiency. As they know the craft well, they deliver the best.
  • React developers can be chosen to suffice the complexity of your project. So, you have a clear understanding of their calibre and their services.
  • Client-centric results are delivered by outsourcing companies who like to increase their global clientele.
  • Rapid development and deployment are another major advantage. You just need to monitor the process without any stress.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Hiring React Developer for Your Project

There are several factors affecting the cost to hire React developers. This has a direct impact on the React website cost as well. Let us find out which factors affect the most.

Complexity and scope of the project

If you have a large project with layered functionality, you need to hire experts and they will cost you an earth. Projects with high scalability are expensive as you pay for the immense skills as well as the infrastructure used for delivering results.

The team size

A large project requires more manpower than a simple application. Therefore, the team size is directly proportional to the cost of development. The bigger the team, the higher goes the budget.

Timeframes for deadlines

When you have to reach deadlines in no time, you need more React developers to pull through. So, if you choose to hire React developers on hourly rates, you need to do simple math by multiplying the rate by the hours. Here, the cost increases with days.

Region of hiring

Western countries charge triple the cost charged by developers from developing countries like India. The same level of professional expertise can be achieved by paying less to the Asian developer. Hence, the region of hiring matters!

Region-wise Cost of Hiring React Developer

The following table shows the average cost of choosing React developers from different countries.

Country nameQualification levelAverage annual income
SwitzerlandJunior; Middle; Senior; Full stack$86,322; $87,760; $115,455; $86,322
NorwayMiddle; Senior; Full stack$57,630; $61,890; $65,080
UKJunior; Middle; Senior; Full stack$37,010; $48,540; $68,630; $51,200
GermanyJunior; Middle; Senior; Full stack$50,680; $59,110; $71,370; $59,280
UAEJunior; Middle; Senior; Full stack$38,932; $39,205; $49,260; $26,850
IndiaMiddle; Senior; Full stack$20,000; $40,000; $70,000

You can observe that European countries charge way higher than Asian countries like India. Hiring from Asian countries will minimize React website costs. So, look out for the best outsourcing companies in India.

Normally, the React website cost falls under the following categories:

  • Simple web application – $5,000 – $15,000
  • Medium complexity – $15,000 – $60,000
  • Highly complex application – $60,000 – $250,000

This is an approximate cost; the actual figure varies with the outsourcing company. Therefore, choose React developers that help you minimize development costs and maximize the overall result.

It’s Time to Find the React Expert!

Well, if you are searching for the best React developers, then you have landed at the best place. Hopefully, you have a better idea about the entire process of hiring and choosing the best team from across the globe. If you have a well-defined project goal, your search will become easy.

KrishaWeb is a ReactJS development company with expertise in React and cloud-based applications. We offer React developers at competitive rates. If you have a concept to convert into the website, feel free to connect with us!

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