14 Most Eye-catching Examples of Best Music Website Designs

Best Music Websites

Searching for the best music website designs to get inspired from? If you are a music composer, an amateur artist or a singing star who wants to launch a website or a band with a literally successful track record, you have reached the right destination. A music website can launch your career on the internet. This way, your talent becomes accessible to the entire globe. Having a site that puts you in the best light can be a gateway to opportunities. The website becomes a doorway to high-scaling growth – be it business, stage shows, artistic collaborations, sale of albums or meetings with global music composers.

We list here some of the most awe-inspiring music websites that can inspire music artists to create their own distinct web space. Check them out now!

14 Examples of the Best Music Website Design

1. Black Signal

Black Signal

A super contrasting combination of pink and black colours makes this website stand out from the competitors. The banner image says it all about the brand, which offers music from electronic guitars and owns the look of video gamers. Quite sci-fi in look yet musical in every sense, the website offers a list of full-length albums to engage the visitor. The very crisp design includes a section for giving details about the upcoming shows. The clear-cut top menu lists social media icons to connect the audience to their social networks. Appealing, clear-cut, vivid and experimental, this is one of the best music website designs for new-age musicians.

2. Wolf & Moon

Wolf & Moon

A video in the banner gives a mystical approach to this website. While one gets curious about their kind of music, they serve their social media handles right on top of the banner. Very simple, crisp, design with just four relevant tabs in the menu, the site is quite uncomplicated. A section for email newsletters, followed by a section with video, and a store for buying merchandise, and tickets; this one is a sales-oriented site, made with a complete focus on customers.

3. Haviah Mighty

Haviah Mighty

Set on a black background, the site highlights the name of the artist and the song with a button to listen to it immediately. This is a direct invitation to the visitor who can instantly listen to the latest song. A nice sales pitch idea, the next section covers a video of the artist’s previous songs. It is then followed by a list of the latest tracks suggested in a curvy-sided, eye-catching, lavender box. After that, they draw attention to their merchandise and newsletter. Social media icons are placed right on top to shake hands with the visitor. Startling yet simple, this site plays well with a black background and popping up colour on the top.

4. House of Hamill

House of Hamill

A natural and familiar-looking website that introduces its artists with a warm image. With a cosy image that instantly connects with the audience, the site is the epitome of simplicity. A nice colour palette with details about their Tour, Bio, Store and Contact, this music website is very easy to browse. They have a quick textbox and button for newsletter sign-up. Teal-coloured social media icons as the main image followed by this, there is a song which could be listened to through a $1 payment. Overall, it is for small music bands that form instant connections with their audience. Inspiring to the core, the site is colour-coordinated, crisp and artistic.

5. Gretchen Parlato

Gretchen Parlato

Highlighting its artists and showing them in full shine, the website focuses on individual glorification. Again, the main banner with black background stands out at the entry. The top menu in white fonts makes it visually appealing and instantly noticeable. The following sections give away the songs, merchandise, tour highlights, performance reviews, interviews, articles and a hell lot of information. This kind of site design is for artists with decades-long careers. Not for newbies, the site of famous Jazz artists says a lot about the duo. If you have a lot of records to put, then this design is suitable!

6. Lakecia Benjamin’s

Lakecia Benjamin’s

Highlighting the artist in the banner, the site is visually stunning. Minimal design with a section about new CD followed by a brief about the artist, and just three upcoming events. Lastly, the newsletter section catches the eye with its widespread design. A song menu that scrolls with the page entices the visitor to listen to it. Creative, minimal, and bespoke, the site suffices all requirements of the best music website design, especially for small bands or single artists.

7. Anthony Strong

Anthony Strong

Again a music website that highlights its artist, with a bold name, warm colour palette, and thinking image of Anthony Strong. With an attractive tagline followed by details of upcoming live concerts, and a video of the artist’s best composition, the site leverages the element of simplicity. The last section about the newsletter mailing list is plain. With everything available on the top menu, this music website is informative and certainly draws the attention of visitors.

8. Gregory Porter

Gregory Porter

Jazz superstar Gregory Porter’s website sets a classic example with its monochrome teal-coloured page and contrasting fonts. Highlighting the artist with a suave image followed by two collections and then a list of 47 songs to listen to, the site drives visitors to hit the songs. By giving a try to listen to the artist’s music, it raises an opportunity for connecting with the visitors. Social media icons on the sides, scrolling down along with the page, the website effortlessly redirects them to the artist’s social accounts, which are places yielding interaction. A video at the end entices the visitor to check out more stuff from the artist. A complete inspiration, this one is the best music website design!

9. Dave Douglas

Dave Douglas

The site showcases musician Dave Douglas as a prolific artist with captivating content with a blurred background image. Simplicity in design, the site focuses more on connecting the visitor with the podcast, newsletter, and social media pages. It creates a visual sales pitch by image listing his music albums with an immediate ‘Buy” button. Followed by this, a list of events and tickets are made available for the visitor. Well-crafted site with four menu items including the musician’s discography! This one is a good example to follow for solo music artists.

10. Simba Sax

Simba Sax

One of a kind, this music website presents the mindset of a saxophone player and DJ, in a subtle way. With a landscape background showing nature and twilight in its all glory, the site attracts the visitor with a mesmerizing appeal. African-themed fonts, videos and images of the musician with review allure the music lovers to listen to the songs. Focused on depicting nature as the artist’s core theme, the website is a surreal space. Colour contrast, text, pics, everything speaks of sounds around silences. Uncommon, elusive yet profound, this one is the best music website design for its distinctive design element.

11. Joshua Espinoza

Joshua Espinoza

The Latin American Jazz pianist’s website highlights him, his latest albums, videos, music stores, tour dates and ticket booking list. Tidy, clutter-free, the site focuses on delivering content with minimal words. Impactful and bespoke, the site suffices all criteria of a music website. Be it the collaborations, or show updates, everything comes up as just RIGHT! Easy to view, navigate, and distraction less, the one-page site is the best example of a professional music site.

12. Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars

Black background highlights the rest part of the website. It focuses on the current shows by the artist, his collaborations, merchandise, video, subscription, etc. with contrasting white fonts and play of images, the site is crisp in design, and content and delivers details without any fuss. Uncomplicated, this one is to the point and lists social media handles at the end. If you want a one-man website, this pattern is suitable.

13. Ghost Girl

Ghost Girl

Minimal design emphasizing the use of white spaces, the site adds popping colours only to highlight the albums and animated form of the artist Minna Choi. Full of archives of the music composed by the artist, the site looks professional, on point and clutter-free. The design is crisp with nothing extra on it. When you want to generate a pop magazine look for an artist, this kind of design theme works best.

14. Martha Wainwright

Martha Wainwright

A classic example of leveraging your brand, the almost monochromatic website highlights the launch of the singer and songwriter’s memoir. With an emphatic first impression, the website is a one-man show that generates star value of the singer. With nicely placed social media icons and a top menu, it works well in engaging the visitor.

Tips for Creating an Engaging Artist Music Website Design

If you are looking forward to building a new-age music website, then take inspiration from the above or mix and match the features you like from each of the sites.

Let us help you by listing the most tried and tested tips for delivering classy music sites.

Following are the top five tips for music website design:

1. Get a domain that matches your name/brand

By getting the same domain name as the name of the artist or brand, the site becomes easy to search. Fans, event organizers and collaborators don’t need to remember the site name, they will be able to search your name and the site will appear. It is a big advantage!

2. Try a relevant, best music website design template

The template should reflect what you want to convey through the site. Alter the template to give it a custom touch and mould as per the vision of the music artist. The right template, colour combination and content will minimize branding efforts by keeping social media icons, images, videos and the latest shows in an easy-to-spot space.

3. An all-inclusive music site

The website template and content should deliver everything that is significant about the music artist. Singles, albums, videos, concert details, merchandise, blog, vision and values, all should be offered through the site. A noticeable Call-to-action is most important. Therefore, choose a design that allows you to include all of these and more.

4. Logo and home page

A startling logo, eye-catching header, absorbing image of the artist and engaging home page are triggers to kick-start interaction with the visitor. The home page should lure visitors to browse the whole site and listen to the artist’s collection of music. Invest in excellent UI/UX that creates a lasting impression on the visitor.

5. Invest in a good web design company

It is advisable to hire experts or a team that has experience in building music websites. They will convert your concept into enthralling websites with SEO. They deliver sites loved by visitors and Google, In addition, it will minimize the development cost, time & effort. If your site needs support and maintenance, then these professionals offer that too. So, investing in them is a complete value for money.


We have listed some of the best music website designs which may inspire you or even add clarity to your concept of a music site. Hope they are helpful. Consider looking at each to find the USP, which can be incorporated into your website.

KrishaWeb is a leading web design agency offering IT services for all industries including the music sector. We have an experienced team focused on building the best user experiences.

Feel free to share your concept with us and we will craft the finest music website for you!

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