Why is ReactJS a Good Pick for App Development?

Why ReactJS is good fit for web development

In this blog, we discuss why ReactJS is a good fit and what makes it a feasible solution to adopt for web development over other options in web development technologies.

Nowadays, the ReactJS Web Development skill set is in high demand as a technological choice for creating stunning, functional and component-driven user interfaces. Developed as an internal tool by Facebook web developers and released as an open library in 2013, ReactJS rose to matchless popularity in the following years. Quite an impressive contender, ReactJS has proved itself time and again as one of the best JavaScript libraries to create multifaceted websites. If we talk about its significance in the current scenario, Statista reports that 42.62% of global websites are using the ReactJS framework for front-end development in 2022. As per the statistics of August 2022, it is the second most used framework for UI development.

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When you want to develop interactive, UI components that blend well with an array of backend technologies, ReactJS is one of the best solutions. Whether it’s about responsive sites, mobile apps, desktop sites or Virtual Reality app development, ReactJS developer tools work wonders for all.

ReactJS is an open-source JavaScript library, that offers an edge over other UI development technologies. It is therefore trusted and extensively used by technocrat giants like Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, Airbnb, PayPal and more.

Top 10 Benefits of ReactJS for Application Development

1. Optimized and Rapid Web Application Development

ReactJS offers virtual DOM (Document Object Model), an excellent library and lightweight APIs to create high-performing web and mobile applications. Even ReactJS has performed very well with a good score in Google’s Lighthouse audit test. This suggests that ReactJS works best when you want high-quality web pages for fast-loading mobile and web applications. Any company, individual or enterprise looking forward to building flexible, striking web pages can rely on ReactJS.

2. Established Front-end Development Framework

As per the survey of Stack Overflow, ReactJS is one of the top three cross-platform libraries for building web and mobile applications. The reason for this unwavering popularity is that developers can integrate advanced tech concepts using ReactJS. It remains a stable front-end development framework maintained by Facebook. The open source and community-driven nature make ReactJS a steadily growing technology trusted by corporate giants.

3. Time-Saving Framework for Front-end Development

If a business needs quick web development, then ReactJS developer tools are of great help. When you want simplified web development for a seemingly complex front end, ReactJS works the best. The framework offers everything to create an appealing UI in a jiffy. It uses the concept of isomorphic code development, where the same code is rendered on the client and server sides. This saves a huge chunk of development time. So, whether you are a Start-up, enterprise or medium-scale business, get an easy-to-operate, visually attractive UI that works well with several backend technologies, all in the shortest possible time.

4. ReactJs has Open Source Community that Evolves daily

ReactJS is an open-source framework with more than 15K contributors. This makes it an ever-evolving technology for single and multipage web applications. New ideas and features are incorporated occasionally to optimize ReactJS web development. Therefore, it is never going to be a stale technology, instead one that constantly improves and works best for scalable applications.

5. Best for Large Scale Web App Development

JSX (JavaScript Syntax Extension) offers the best environment for developing huge web applications. JSX syntax supports driving optimum results out of JavaScript. Most importantly, businesses can choose React Native for building native and hybrid mobile apps for Android and iOS. These make ReactJS a handy framework for web and mobile app development.

6. Flexible Architecture and Easy-to-Learn

ReactJS is quite easy to learn and adapt to. If the development team knows HTML, CSS and JavaScript, they can adapt to ReactJS to create websites rich in components. With ReactJS, developers can build code that can run across several platforms. This makes ReactJS a flexible technology to create single-page web and mobile applications.

7. Supports Repeated Use of Components

ReactJS web development involves creating components for a user interface. Whether it is the drop, sidebar menu, header component etc., everything can be designed and developed with ReactJS. The components can communicate with a logical flow to create an interactive website. Most importantly, developers can create reusable ReactJS components for their web applications. This minimizes their development time and delivers applications at a rapid pace.

8. An Extensive Library that Reduces Development to Bare Bones

ReactJS is a JavaScript library with extensive functions, design elements and components. It helps developers to create scalable, functionally rich web and mobile applications. ReactJS web development becomes very easy, all thanks to its extensive library. It is the library which gives ReactJS the fame of being a versatile web development framework.

9. React Hooks for Web Development

Hooks work like a feature that supports the addition of states and useful functionality to components. It helps the logical flow of information between components so that they can communicate easily. Data transfer between components becomes seamless with hooks. This makes ReactJS a powerful web development platform for intricate applications.

10. Flux Architecture for Enhanced Structure

Flux architecture primarily creates single-direction data flow to enhance the functions of standard components. A central dispatcher takes the job of creating actions and updating stores. It modifies views as per store changes. This ensures that data remains in stores, which prevents duplication of data as well as keeps it in sync within the entire application.

In a nutshell, ReactJS offers a plethora of features for efficient web application development. Investing in ReactJS web development helps you create a technically advanced application. It is a competitive framework with amazing developer tools that ensure flawless front-end development.

If you want to create a single page or multipage web application, then ReactJS is a top-notch technology for front-end development. KrishaWeb has an experienced team of ReactJS developers with many successful projects. Hire ReactJS Developers with our interesting hiring models. Feel free to connect with us to convert your idea into a high-tech application.

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