The Ultimate Guide to Choose Best Technology Stack for Your Website Development

Best Technology Stack for Website

Before starting the development of any website or web app, the project manager along with the Tech-expert team finalizes the stack of technologies (front-end & back-end) to be used in that technical project environment. So, here we discuss how to choose that technology stack for excellent web development.

Let’s dive deep…

Before starting, let us explain to you the tech stack in web development.

What do You Mean by Tech-stack or Technology Stack in Web Development?

Startling web applications are an end result of an excellent combo of technologies that bridge user interface and business logic. The idea is to create a seamless blend of an appealing web design that entices the visitor and a perfect database system that delivers information to create an interactive web solution.

Formally called a technology stack, it is a combination of software tools, libraries, frameworks, programming languages, and web technologies.

All of these are meticulously used for web development that is solid, futuristic, functional, and secure.

Front-End Development Technology Stack [Client-side Tech Stack]

Front End Technology Stack

This part of the technology stack deals with creating the client side of the web application. The side that is available to the customers or end-user through the browser or app. It is the visible, interactive part that can be used by customers to mingle with the application. As this layout and its elements are available in the front portion of the app, it is called the front-end. Technologies used to build the user interface are called front-end development technologies.

  • HTML: This language is used to create the layout elements and their cohesive behaviour to deliver a visibly seamless page. It assures proper display of data on the web page and even deals with tagging.
  • CSS: Cascading Style Sheets take care of the static portions like font styles, graphic elements, color schema, and hyperlinked parts.
  • JavaScript: The most popular scripting language for adding dynamism to web pages. It facilitates user interaction and creates a more bespoke application.

Client-side programming is supported by frameworks that define the structure of the user interface. Bootstrap, Bulma, Foundation, etc. are some of the most reliable HTML and CSS frameworks. Angular, Vue and React are the most widely used front-end frameworks of today.

Back-End Development Technology Stack [Server-side Tech Stack]

Back End Technology Stack

Technologies are used to build the server side, which constitutes the business logic, database systems, components, etc. that are connected with the server. Basically, this part is solely involved in the background operations, and that’s why these are called back-end technologies. It primarily involves programming languages, databases, and servers.

Programming Languages

There are several languages to write computer programs and each has its own syntax and regulations. These are clubbed with back-end frameworks that provide precise structure to the background processes.

The most commonly used language-framework combinations are…

  • JavaScript (Node.js)
  • PHP (Laravel)
  • Python (Django)
  • Scala (Play)
  • Java (Spring)
  • Ruby (Ruby on Rails)


The system that stores, manipulates, and processes data is essential for back-end development. These store huge amounts of data and avail and deliver processed data through complex logic. MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, and Oracle are some of the most reliable databases of today.


A computer or network of computers that perform the task of receiving communication requests and forwarding them to backend processes. The requested data is then processed and delivered to the front-end. Apache and Nginx are commonly used servers.

Things to Consider While Choosing a Technology Stack for Your Next Project

Every web development project has different requirements, which are the primary basis for selecting a technology stack. Post the requirement-gathering phase, the software analysis team can figure out the best front-end and back-end technologies.

Key aspects to consider while choosing a technology stack are…

Project Goals

The technology stack is chosen depending on the scope of the project, requirements of the user interface, and background processes. You can choose technologies as per the scale and performance of the application. So, the end goal should be kept in mind while choosing basic or complex technologies.

The Scalability Factor

Web applications are designed with a futuristic approach. Scalability is a top factor that should be kept in mind while choosing a technology stack.

Two types of scalability are…

  • Horizontal scaling: adding new computational infrastructure to meet the demands of the application.
  • Vertical scaling: adding new features and functionality without changing the overall structure of the application.

Choose a technology stack that facilitates both types of scaling along with other requirements of the software system.

Determine the Timeframe

The time of development and launch is another factor to decide about the technologies. A fast-paced web solution may require different technologies over an enterprise application spread across months. Time depends upon the following:

  • Availability of web designers, developers, testers, and other resources
  • Understanding documentation
  • Integration with third-party apps, if necessary
  • Issue resolution with or without the support of the web developer community

Ease of Maintenance and Support

The web applications may require support and maintenance, post-launch. Choose technologies that demand low maintenance. For example, scaling a website requires a strong framework and so, choose a tech stack accordingly. Choose technologies that are easy to upgrade and understand. There are chances that new developers need to work on the maintenance part. In such cases, a complex tech stack will take time for them to understand. This delays the maintenance tasks. Therefore, unless the software demands, it’s better to decide on technologies that are quick to understand.

Choose a Secure Tech Stack

You cannot leave an application vulnerable to cybercrimes. It is important to choose a technology stack that leaves little or no scope for risk. Security is the main criterion to follow and must not be neglected at any cost.

What should We Avoid While Choosing a Technology Stack?

There are dos and don’ts for everything, including the choice of the technology stack. Let us dig deeper and find out what not to do while choosing a particular tech stack.

Avoid Copying Tech Stack From Your Competitor

Even though your application seems similar, your fundamental requirements will be different from your competitors. Invest your team’s time and energy in creating unique applications. For this, you need to customize the technology stack and club them in accordance with their requirements.

Focus on Professional Needs Rather Than Personal Favourites

Even if you like a certain tool or technology to the core, it may not turn out to be the best for your project. Choosing such a tool will waste the time and energy of the resources. Instead, choose relevant technologies and tools for your web development project and save time as well as development costs.

Double-check the Information About Tech Stacks

Gathering info online may not help to figure out the best technologies and tools for your project. Back up your online research with the opinion of tech experts and community supporters. Basically, it is advisable to cross-check every aspect of the tech stack before finalizing it. If you are not experienced enough to choose technologies, it is best to rely on real-life examples than the promises made by tech companies.

The Conclusion

It is a hard task to choose the best combination of technologies for your project. It demands a lot of research and real-life data to make a perfect choice. Spend time on every little detail so that you are not disappointed in the future.

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