Top WordPress Statistics You Should Know in 2024

WordPress Statistics

In the world of content management systems (CMS) as a website development tool, WordPress has firmly established its position as the leader. It has been established as the preferred content management system for individuals and organizations alike. Its extraordinary growth has made it one of the most popular and fastest-growing open-source CMS in the world.

As of 2024, there are an astounding 861 million WordPress websites, accounting for more than 43% of all websites. Don’t you think, It’s like a friendly wizard behind the curtain, working website magic for everyone from bloggers to major enterprises? 

WordPress powers 14.7% of the world’s most popular websites; among the Fortune 500 firms using WordPress as their main content management system are the NFL, NBC, and CNN.

Since WordPress entered the market, developing a website has become much simpler!

Let’s examine a few key data points on WordPress usage, plugins, themes, the ability to customize, and other related topics to gain a deeper understanding of the world’s most widely used open-source content management system and its user base.

Clearing Out the Basics of WordPress! 

WordPress, an open-source CMS that started as a blogging platform in 2003, has grown to become a powerful multi-purpose content management system with millions of users, plugins, and themes.

The number of users on WordPress is increasing as the platform develops over time. it emerged as the most widely used and well-liked content management system globally. 

Previously, bloggers were the main users of WordPress, but now a wide range of businesses, including e-commerce businesses and media associations, use it.

To uncover some of the more fascinating figures and information concerning WordPress, let’s continue our investigation.

# WordPress Usage Statistics and Insights

WordPress stands out as a widely adopted and feature-rich CMS platform. Analyzing usage data provides valuable insights into the platform’s performance, user preferences, and trends, enabling users to make strategic decisions.

1. WordPress powers about 43% of websites on the internet.

Although WordPress is mostly thought of as a blogging platform, it is much more than that. The free, open-source content management system runs a wide range of websites, from personal blogs to Fortune 500 companies.

2. More than 500 new websites are being created every day on WordPress

WordPress is becoming more and more popular; every day, over 500 new websites are made using the platform.

3. 74.6 million websites use WordPress worldwide.

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems and website development platforms in the world, powering over 74.6 million websites.

4. Every month, 2.9 million people search for the term “WordPress” on Google.

WordPress is a keyword that many people actively look for online; on Google, the term is typed in 2.9 million times every month.

5. WordPress powers 65% of CMS websites 

WordPress isn’t the only CMS available, but it’s by far the most popular. With a dominant share of the market, it powers 64.1% of all websites that utilize content management systems.

6. WordPress’s nearest rival, Shopify, has only 6% of the market share. 

Shopify, its nearest rival, lags far behind with a meager 6% market share. WordPress is still the most widely used eCommerce content management system (CMS) available, even though Shopify is a specific eCommerce solution and WordPress is not. Other competitors include platforms such as Wix, Squarespace, and Joomla, but none of them have more than a fraction of the WordPress market share. 

7. WordPress powers 36% of the top one million websites worldwide.

One of the best tools for creating and managing material on the internet is WordPress, which enables users to build websites that produce valuable outcomes. WordPress powers 36% of the top one million websites worldwide.

8. 38% of users want custom WordPress development services

Approximately 38% use bespoke CMS development to create their website from the ground up. Why not? I mean, personalization is the future, and customers love it. 

9. 30.3% of the top 1000 websites use WordPress. 

W3Techs has a blog that claims that WordPress powers nearly one-third of the top 1000 websites on the internet. Drupal and Adobe Experience Manager are among the next most widely used content management systems.

10. WordPress was the fastest-growing CMS platform for 11 consecutive years. 

In addition to being the most widely used CMS available, it has also held the title of fastest-growing CMS since 2012 with a growing rate of around 12%.  This shows that WordPress’s industry rivals need to do more to counter its dominant position in the market.

11. 70 Million Daily Posts and 840 Million Posts in a Year

WordPress users publish an astounding 70 million posts each month, for a yearly total of 840 million posts. This demonstrates the platform’s status as the primary choice for content creators and bloggers worldwide.

12. 409 million of website traffic every month

Every month, over 409 million individuals visit WordPress pages, resulting in an astounding 20 billion page views. This highlights how popular the platform is and how much traffic it receives on the internet.  

13. WordPress 6 is the most commonly used version

WordPress version 6 accounts for 76.7% of all WordPress sites. This indicates that the most recent version is being used widely, probably as a result of its improved features, security patches, and general upgrades.

14. 77 million comments each month, with 27 posts generated every second

The platform receives an incredible amount of user involvement, with 77 million new comments generated on WordPress blogs each month. Furthermore, on, 27 posts are created every second. This rapid speed of content creation highlights the platform’s dynamic and real-time character, with users continually producing fresh and different content.

# WordPress Security Statistics

WordPress is often recognized as one of the most secure CMS alternatives. However, as with any website, it is vulnerable to data breaches. And, as this statistic demonstrates, the vast majority of malware outbreaks target WordPress sites. Let’s find out some of the crucial WordPress security insights that you should know about:

15. Security Report Every 24 Hours

WordPress has plugins that send a WordPress Security report to your email. The report provides data on the number of incorrect password entries and the IP addresses from which they tried to sign in.

16. WordPress Backup Solution

Backups allow you to quickly restore your WordPress site in case something bad was to happen. There are many free and paid WordPress backup plugins that you can use.

17. WordPress has Security Plugins that stop billions of attacks. 

Being one of the most popular and reliable WordPress security plugins, Wordfence Security has stopped 18.5 billion password attack requests with over 121 million downloads.

# WordPress Plugin Statistics

Examining WordPress plugin statistics is a crucial step in comprehending the platform’s dynamic ecosystem. With thousands of plugins available, these statistics offer insights into user preferences, popular functionalities, and the overall health of the WordPress plugin landscape.

18. There are around 60,000 free plugins in the official WordPress plugin directory. 

WordPress has a vast ecosystem of plugins with around 60k+ free plugins that include about a thousand eCommerce plugins to meet the different eCommerce needs of companies and personalize their online shopping experiences.

19. WordPress plugins empower 50+ million websites.

WordPress plugins play a pivotal role in extending the functionality and features of the platform, empowering over 50 million websites globally, and offering solutions for diverse needs such as SEO optimization, security, e-commerce, and more. 

20. Yoast SEO has 450M+ Downloads 

Yoast SEO is the WordPress plugin with the most number of active installations, five-star ratings, and downloads – more than 463 million – in the plugin directory.

21. The Akismet plugin catches 5 million spam pieces per hour

Askimet is another well-known WordPress plugin with over 133 million downloads that helps catch a whopping 5 million spam pieces every hour, helping users remove spam comments from their articles.

22. The Wordfence Security plugin has been downloaded more than 121 million times. 

With more than 121 million downloads, the Wordfence Security plugin assists customers in using firewalls to protect their websites.

23. The Jetpack plugin has been downloaded more than 120 million times.

This jetpack plugin has over 120 million downloads and it allows users to improve their website’s marketing campaigns, architecture, and security.

24. Gutenberg has 79.6 million installations 

Gutenberg ranks second only to WooCommerce in terms of popularity standing with over 79.6 million installations

25. WooCommerce has 229 million downloads 

WooCommerce is often regarded as the most popular plugin on the internet, with a 68% distribution. The WooCommerce plugin is used on at least 6.9 million websites and has been downloaded over 229 million times, with the number of downloads increasing daily.

26. Contact Form 7 has been downloaded over 120 million times 

The most common contact form plugin is Contact Form 7, which has been downloaded over 120 million times having around 5 million active installations. Its widespread adoption underscores its popularity and reliability in facilitating user-friendly contact forms on WordPress websites.

# WordPress Theme Statistics

WordPress has several themes that you can use to style and arrange your website in a way that best represents your brand and makes it easier for visitors to find your goods or services.

27. WordPress directory has around 12000 free themes 

The official WordPress theme repository has an extensive collection of nearly 12,000 free themes, providing users with a diverse array of options to customize the appearance and functionality of their websites. 

28. There are 31,000 themes in the WordPress theme repository. 

With 31,000 themes in its theme repository, WordPress offers a large selection of themes.

29. $78 is the average theme cost on WordPress

WordPress themes are reasonably priced, with an average cost of $78, giving customers access to alternatives to improve their websites’ aesthetic appeal. In the meantime, users can anticipate paying $145 on average per year for a subscription.

30. Astra & hello has over 5 million downloads 

Among the top one million WordPress websites, Hello and Astra are the most widely used active themes. Astra’s growing popularity can be attributed to the fact that it comes with a free edition that offers you a minimal selection of settings. Hello provides the foundation for building distinctive websites using Elementor’s drag-and-drop interface and sophisticated design tools, even though it is designed to work in conjunction with the page builder plugin.

31. Various WordPress Themes have over 1 million downloads 

The most popular GPL themes in the WordPress directory each have more than a million active installations. In addition to Hello and Astro, three additional well-liked WordPress themes that nearly reached the one million mark are OceanWP, Neve, and Hello Elementor. 

32. Theme Forest has 15K+ WordPress themes 

ThemeForest is the most well-known marketplace for premium WordPress themes. It offers more than 51,000 premium themes and templates, more than 15,000 of which are for WordPress.

# Location and Language Statistics

Location and language statistics are other crucial considerations. It helps provide much-needed insights on how many languages you can cater to and effectively serve your broad customer base throughout. 

33. There are 208 languages available with WordPress

A brief peek at WordPress’ translation page reveals that it supports 208 locales, 32 of which are 100% translated. Users from different regions and cultures find it easier because of its accessibility. Its dedication to diversity has added to its attractiveness on a worldwide scale.

34. 71% of WordPress blogs are written in English

Not surprisingly, the most popular language for WordPress blogs is English. The next most popular language is Spanish (4.7%), followed by Indonesian (2.4%), Portuguese (2.3%), and French (1.5%).

# WordPress Version Statistics

Many WordPress companies and developers tend to ignore the latest versions and invite unknown viruses and hackers into their systems. Staying updated about the crucial insights and trends related to the WordPress version can help you ensure a smooth and secure WordPress website. 

35. 77.4% of users have migrated to version 6

With 77.4% of WordPress sites operating on version 6X, the community’s fast adoption of the latest releases is impressive. It shows how actively developers are involved and how much value is placed on preserving security and compatibility throughout the WordPress ecosystem.

36. WordPress released major versions after every 150 days

WordPress releases major versions every 150 days on average, and Wednesdays receive the most downloads, while Fridays receive the fewest. 

37. WordPress 6.0 has been downloaded over 95 million times already. 

A substantial 59.2% of WordPress users have embraced the most recent version, 6.4, showcasing a trend of swift adoption of the latest technologies. Additionally, 6.8% of users are still utilizing version 6.3, reflecting a diverse user base with varying levels of update adoption.

38. WordPress has 43 major versions (to date) 

Since its launch, WordPress has undergone significant development, with 43 major versions released to date. This ongoing evolution showcases the platform’s commitment to innovation, security, and performance enhancements over the years.

39. MySQL version 5.7 is the most commonly used database version 

The widespread use of MySQL version 5.7 in WordPress installations highlights its stability, performance improvements, and compatibility, making it the preferred choice for managing WordPress websites’ dynamic and data-intensive nature. 

40. New versions of 2024 are yet to be released 

Anticipated new versions are yet to be expected in 2024 to bring further enhancements, features, and possibly innovations to keep the platform at the forefront of web development and content management.

Final Thought

So, there you have it. The crucial insights and statistics that make WordPress – the wonderful and popular platform it is! The increased usage, popularity, and ease of use in the market – help it achieve new heights of success every day. 

WordPress evolves and adapts to meet the demands of its users, from its dominance in the CMS industry to its enormous plugin and theme directory. The increasing impact of WordPress in even 2024 is because of its enhanced flexibility and ongoing development, not just its numerical standing. 

However, these statistics are just mere numbers for you, if you don’t know how to leverage it properly and make the most out of it let’s connect with us

In the end, when it comes to building dynamic and impactful websites, WordPress continues to be a dependable and favoured platform. 
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