10 Best Web Design Tips for Aviation Manufacturers

Expert Tips For Aviation Web Design

Aviation manufacturers know for a fact that although aviation seems to be a stylish, enthralling industry, there is a lot of hard work that goes into it. Starting from production to marketing, everything needs absolute attention to offer remarkable results. Apart from the production, it is the marketing aspect that needs prudent thought and avid concentration to get desired clients. Let us talk about how aviation websites make an impact and what should be done to create an impressive one. 

Expert Tips For Aviation Web Design:

1) Create a bare-bones website with smooth navigation

An aviation website should be clutter-free, easy to navigate, and to the point. A stunning website with numerous design jigs may create an impact at first sight, but if it misses the actual functionality or has complicated navigation then it ruins the whole purpose. Rather, choose a web design that is uncomplicated, easy to traverse, and totally functional. Simplify the site design in a way that visitors can find what they are searching for in just a few clicks. So, the key lies in creating an easy-to-navigate website. 

2) SEO friendly website is key to finding customers

The Internet is a competitive world and getting noticed by search engines is the only way to survive it. For this, aviation manufacturers need to invest in creating optimized websites that rank high on top search engines. Otherwise, lucrative deals will slip to your competitors, even if you manufacture better products. SEO is an unending process, so it is advisable to ensure that your site is updated on a regular basis and must match the updates and requisites of search engine algorithms. As aviation companies get clients from global quarters, it is a must for them to invest in SEO-friendly website design and keep it optimized on a regular basis. 

3) Optimize with appealing photos

An aircraft is made with hundreds of parts and when combined the entire product looks simply splendid. Manufacturers can hire professional photographers to take high-resolution pictures of the parts or the whole aircraft to display them on the website. When your website is filled with authentic images, it creates a trustworthy environment. Clients, buyers, suppliers, or associates can rely on your manufacturing process and decide to partner with your firm. Therefore, put original pictures that showcase the manufacturing journey, the milestones, and the final products. 

4) Keep it updated with the latest in the aviation industry

The best way to create a lucrative website is to share relevant information through it. Aviation manufacturers can share the latest happenings in their industry, the technical advancements, the design changes, and a lot more. This helps to create a space that gives readily available information about the entire industry. People connected to the field of aviation should consider the website as a knowledge bank, which serves authentic information about the aviation sector. Moreover, it is the best way to keep search engines happy. So, invest in subject content that is relevant, organic, fresh, informative, and interesting. A bonus tip is to present the articles or blogs with striking pictures. Visitors are drawn toward visually appealing material and content. Furthermore, a well-maintained, frequently updated website will get better viewers and higher rankings on search engines

5) Share current aviation news on the website

As aviation is a niche field, the best way to keep the site updated is to share the latest news about the sector. Create a section on the home page that gives detailed news about the latest happenings, manufacturing benchmarks, technical breakthroughs, etc. This will help to keep it updated and even make it a knowledge base for an audience that is interested in the aviation industry. By adding news and regular updates, the website gets an edge over other similar sites and competitors. 

6) A handy space to download brochures, pamphlets & information pages

Aviation manufacturers should create websites that readily offer pamphlets, brochures, and information pages on it. Ask your team to create PDF formats of marketing material and documents to facilitate ease of download. When business associates visit the site, they get everything on a platter. They can download the relevant information for future use. With this, the aviation company also gets a chance to record their data like basic contact details to pitch their business deals in the long run. 

7) Social Media Integration

Although it may sound like a novice, social media plays a big role in connecting people. Aviation manufacturers and companies must have accounts on social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and more. A landmark tweet, an unavoidable Facebook post, or an informative article on LinkedIn are ways to voice opinions about the industry. They create an impression about the company and their knowledge about the sector. CEOs and companies keep an eye on their counterparts on the other side of the globe through Twitter and other social media platforms. So, even if it may not sound obvious, social media helps in the long run. 

8) Clear Call-To-Action is a must

No company wants to lose its clients or potential customers so; it is a thumb rule to create clear CTAs. When talking about aviation website development, one has to focus on these little yet powerful aspects. CTAs, contact forms, chatbots, and other ways to communicate with clients should not be missed. 

9) High-performing, fast-loading website

A good aviation website should be quick loading and represent the brand in every sense. The site should not take time to roll down even when filled with high-tech photographs. This is a common thing, but should not be ignored for the aviation sector. 

10) Aviation manufacturers should focus on the brand story

The last thing that any aviation website should focus on is creating a brand story through its website. Make sure that the design involves every element that has a unique brand effect. This will help the digital marketing team to create specific, precise campaigns in the future. 

A Brownie Tip

Whether you are an aviation manufacturer or a Start-up, a mobile version of the website is a must. Make a sleek, clutter-free version that is handy yet gives all relevant information. It will work for business associates and clients who are truly busy checking a giant desktop site. 

The Conclusion

Aviation websites like any other sites, are the face of a business entity on the internet and must be designed to deliver a clear-cut representation of the business. Include the design element, branding aspect, loading time, business policies, and SEO aspect to create a cutting-edge, high-performing website. 

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