What is the Buyer’s Journey? Three Stages of Buyer’s Journey

Buyer's Journey

You have showcased your business products and service on the company website. Good… But nowadays, that is not enough! Buyers may look for additional data pertaining to your product but unable to get them online. You should think about the buyer’s journey and try to make it as simple as possible. So, you may try to personalize the sales process for a better understanding of buyers. With this, chances are better than the buyer will grow interested in your products.

What is the Buyer’s Journey?

The journey includes the buyer’s process of going through the products, considering and evaluating the same. Based on these two steps, they shall move forward to the main part, the decision to purchase the service or product. The buyer starts with the awareness of the product before they start to evaluate or examine the item. If the thing fulfils their needs, they move on to the next stage of purchasing the item.

According to Hubspot,

The buyer’s journey is the process buyers go through to become aware of, consider and evaluate, and decide to purchase a new product or service.

Defining the Buyer’s Journey in Three Stages

Stages of Buyer's Journey

If you are unable to grasp a better idea about the buyer’s understanding of your products, you need to communicate and discuss it in detail with the sales team. You should have a proper idea about prospective customers and their requirements. Let us take a glance at these three stages involved in the buyer’s journey.

Awareness Stage

In the first stage, the buyer comes to know about a particular product or service that they wish to get. They also decide on the priority of buying the item. To overcome the initial stage and get convinced, they ask themselves some common questions.

  1. How can buyers define their challenges?
  2. What if the buyers refuse to pursue the opportunity?
  3. How can buyers take a suitable decision on the challenges faced?
  4. How do buyers decide to choose between challenge and goal?

At the end of this stage, an individual should start to recognize the challenges he or she has to meet to get the product. With this, they shall move on to the consideration part from the options available.

Consideration Stage

In this stage, buyers have made their challenges clear and wish to address it. With this, they start to evaluate the items as per need through a different method. They choose the method that seems to be the best option to overcome the challenge fast. In this stage, the salesperson should offer ways of solution that the buyer is waiting for. Instead of forcing your product on the buyers, you can advise them with strategic solutions that point towards the right service and products.

Research well and get to know how to convince buyers to look for the right thing at this stage. Also, at this juncture, they are in the dilemma of the following questions and ask themselves.

  1. What are the types of solutions that buyers look for?
  2. How buyers can help themselves to know about the options available?
  3. How buyers can decide on the right option available?
  4. Is the buyer able to perceive the benefits to get each category of products?

Decision Stage

So, here comes the final stage when the buyer decides to avail of the service or product. After proper evaluation of the benefits he or she can get the product based on their requirements, they conclude. So, the salesperson has been successful in influencing the buyer and helping the person choose their product over other competitors. Let us see what questions come across the buyer’s mind in this stage.

  1. What criteria do buyers use to examine the available offers?
  2. What are the needs to prioritize to take the final decision?
  3. What features attract buyers the most when they choose one company’s product over others available?
  4. What are the product concerns that they look for and help them decide?
  5. How each buyer’s perspective is different in the decision they make?
  6. Do buyers look for the company offerings before they take the final purchase decision?

Wrapping Up

By better understanding of the buyer’s journey in inbound marketing, it helps to create better promotional strategies for your products. You have to offer plenty of reasons for the buyers so that they choose your products over others available in the market. The product should be unique that makes it special and fulfils the requirement of the buyer. Anything that works towards attracting the attention of those buyers is considered to be the attributes of effective marketing. Targeting potential customers on every stage of the buyer’s journey is an important step that helps convert mere visitors to potential customers. And, you can let us know if you still got stuck with your inbound marketing strategy…

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