Enterprise WordPress Development: Tips to Create Stellar Enterprise Websites

Enterprise WordPress Development

What does an “Enterprise” Term Mean?

Enterprises are large-scale organizations and companies that normally face huge volumes of traffic on their website and are multinational in their work format. Due to their wide scope of business, these companies need a strong web presence. Their websites are expected to be scalable, reliable, futuristic, quick loading, secure and sturdy. Such websites should show up to massive traffic without falling prey to any kind of downtime.

Building enterprise web solutions is a meticulous task at hand as it needs to fulfil the demands of a giant and enthralling company. Moreover, enterprise websites have complex requirements, multilingual displays, precisely carved-out verticals with selective access rights, and more. All these factors make enterprise web development an exhaustive task, suitable only for technology geniuses.

What are the Benefits of Using WordPress for Enterprise Web Development?

WordPress is a fully-fledged CMS platform, completely fit for enterprise applications. It has an open-source community that delivers new plugins, themes, and components with every passing day. Being open source, it is affordable for the development of a massive enterprise application. Next, it is expandable, so fulfils the need for scalability of large websites. It offers many features that are apt for enterprise web development.

Major Benefits of Using WordPress for Enterprise Development

WordPress is Scalable and Flexible Yet Affordable

The best part about WordPress is that developers can keep the core of the software intact and add new requirements and features in the form of plugins. This assures that the core functioning of the enterprise remains streamlined without losing its grip. System administrators can add new elements when necessary, and even customize the existing functionality as per the need of the hour. This flexibility makes WordPress a top choice for enterprise web development. Moreover, being open source, it is truly affordable compared to other expensive technologies.

WordPress offers Responsive Web Development

The modern-day world works on mobile devices, and enterprises need applications that are operational through any screen. WordPress themes are responsive in nature, so front-end developers can customize them to create mobile-friendly websites. They can also create customized features on responsive front-end theming frameworks.

WordPress offers Immense Scalability

WordPress is matchless in terms of scalability. Developers can add new components, and plugins to add more features to the base platform. WordPress technology stack is solid enough to handle everything including database tuning, server optimization, custom functions, and advanced tech features.

Constant Updates Make WordPress Foolproof

WordPress has a track record of getting updates twice a month. This makes it highly secure and efficient with the latest technological innovation.

Support for Multilingual, Multisite Parameters

WordPress Multilingual plugin fulfils all the requirements of translating pages as per the prescribed language. Therefore, one core website is suitable to work across multiple countries with content displayed in different languages. WordPress also has the multisite capability since version 3.0. Web developers can expand it depending on the technical requirements of the enterprise.

The REST API Makes It Enterprise-friendly

REST API enables themes, plugins, and custom applications and authenticates content as per the pre-defined roles. It facilitates managing and publishing content in new formats. All these features are necessary for enterprise sites and therefore, WordPress is the best technology for them.

Multivendor Application Support

Being open source, WordPress is flexible with third-party integrations, external plugins, and multivendor site development. It does not bind an enterprise to one fixed vendor that charges earth for the upgrades.

Easy-to-Navigate, User-friendly Admin Panel

Enterprise applications are bound to publish custom content on a daily basis. The admin panel or dashboard of WordPress is so easy to navigate and operate that even non-tech people can handle it without hassles. Apart from the front-end, the intuitive nature of WordPress’s back-end makes it an absolute fit for enterprise web solutions.

In a nutshell, WordPress simplifies web development for big organizations. When handled by experts, it can be leveraged for outstanding web development for large-scale companies.

Here’s offering a few tips on that.

8 Important Tips for Enterprise WordPress Development

Choose the Best Hosting Provider

An enterprise web application with scope for heavy traffic cannot afford any downtime. Therefore, choose a reliable hosting provider so that the site takes less time to load and all its pages and content are displayed within the shortest possible time. A good hosting provider handles server issues and fine-tunes storage parameters and security concerns. This makes it all the more important to choose the best hosting provider.

High Performance is the Key

Big organizations need high-performing websites to fulfil the needs of every visitor that hits the site. They cannot afford low-performing websites, as they lose business during those events. Web developers must ensure that the design and user interface of their enterprise WordPress application is devised for fast loading and high performance.

Build Multilingual WordPress Websites

Multilingual websites suffice the needs of visitors from every corner of the globe. Make sure that your company’s website is accessible to every person who hits the site. Enable the multilingual feature so, that the site gets translated into the local language to accommodate everyone who visits it. An enterprise spread across the globe should have a website that dissolves geographical and language barriers.

Generate an Addictive User Experience

Enterprise websites should be engaging in nature. You cannot afford to lose out on the interest of a probable customer due to a dull user interface. Make sure that your UI/UX team designs excellent digital experiences for the end user. Meticulously placed Call-to-Action buttons, engrossing content, a soothing interface, and ease of navigation are certain parameters to polish. WordPress themes can be customized to create exceptional UX.

Enterprise Security is the Need of the Hour

An interactive, enthralling enterprise website is bound to handle massive traffic on a daily basis. For this, it is of utmost importance to keep heavy security in place. Using WordPress original plugins helps to keep malware at bay. Also, installing a firewall helps to keep intruders away. Every new component, theme, and plugin must be checked for any loopholes. Regular updates are a must to keep the site up and running.

Leverage WordPress SEO Benefits

WordPress has in-built SEO features and numerous plugins to earn high ranks on search engines. However, enterprise-level sites are more focussed on the technical aspects of the company. The digital marketing team should play the role of bridging this gap by working on the main keywords, permalinks, metadata, etc. Incorporating marketing tools like Google Analytics, Performance Analytics, Google Tag Manager, etc. will help check the behavior of the visitor and optimize the site accordingly. Dig deeper into WordPress SEO to create a high-ranking enterprise website.

Focus on the Accessibility Factor

Enterprise websites are designed to be accessible to a huge mass of people. For this, web developers should ensure that their design and plugins follow the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). If the WordPress site is made under WCAG 2.0 and WCAG 2.1, then they are totally accessible. Designers can choose from WordPress accessibility-ready themes and customize them as per the requirements of the business.

Custom WordPress Enterprise Applications are the Best

Choosing WordPress gives you the liberty to create custom applications, designed and tailor-made to suffice the requirements of an enterprise. Incorporate custom features through plugins, widgets, themes, navigation, payment gateways, and even third-party integrations, to build a fully featured enterprise website. Make sure that your website has your personal touch to it and implements every feature that is needed by the company. Customize WordPress to the max to carve a brand out of your website.

Final Words

It is now clear that WordPress offers every feature and functionality to create a stalwart enterprise solution. Use it efficiently to create a secure, scalable, high-tech, traffic-driven, user-centric, and benchmark site for your company.

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