Why Laravel Development is Best for a School Management System?

Why Laravel is best for school management system

Technology has penetrated all areas of life, including education. Schools operate in a digital ecosystem with new-age and digital methods to track essential information. Whether it is the attendance of students, class schedules, syllabus, exam details, and even personal data of students, everything is stored in software called School Information Management System.

Laravel is the most preferred framework for building school IMS. It provides a secure, scalable, user-friendly and interactive application for all kinds of academic institutions. Whether it is about building a student portal or creating an app for communication between teachers and parents, Laravel does it all with absolute finesse. There are plenty of reasons for its popularity on academic websites. We will be discussing them here!

The Laravel Market and How It Impacts the School IMS

Every sector including education needs a strong digital presence. This helps to increase interaction with the outside world and build a contemporary reputation. To meet the growing demands of digital operations like online admission forms, event brochures, sports schedules, holiday schedules and more. For all of these and more, you need an Information Management System that works by the school operations and guidelines. Teachers and technical staff should be able to create, modify and delete necessary tasks and events.

Laravel is perfectly suitable for designing and developing such a scalable and secure information system, student portal or web application. Currently, there are lakhs of sites based on Laravel, and a huge portion of it constitutes the academic sector. So, Laravel has proved its calibre in the education sector and therefore, considering it for web and mobile applications for schools would be a wise decision.

Key Must-Know Features of Laravel

The Laravel framework is widely accepted for large-scale website development. It offers futuristic sites that can withstand the demands of the education sector.

The key reasons why academic institutes choose Laravel are as follows:

Modular Coding Methods

Laravel allows developers to build different modules and then integrate them to create an entire application. The Model View and Controller architecture helps to build all three sections separately. This facilitates quick development without losing time, effort and money. With more than 20 OOPs libraries, Laravel fulfils all the requirements of a complex, layered application like a School IMS or School Record Management System. Moreover, you can build a responsive site that runs on all screens.

Artisan CLI

The Command Line Interface offers simple commands to execute complex tasks. It reduces the task of developers by creating custom database structures. Offering these helpful commands, it takes away the burden of developing a long application like a school website. Basically, it gives a rapid pace to the entire development process.

Eloquent ORM (Object Relational Mapping)

Laravel offers the feature of O/R mapping, which helps to access the database through PHP classes. Developers don’t need to write SQL queries to access data. Instead, ORM supports precise data manipulation tasks like queuing, caching, soft deletes, etc. This ensures fast data retrieval.


Laravel applications are highly secure as they offer password encryption, authorized access, etc. It saves the school application from external SQL injections, malware, cross site scripting, cybercrimes and more. Such level of security is important for a school application.

Unit Testing

Laravel offers several types of testing mechanisms to create a bug-free application. Schools require such a technology as any form of mistake in data is not acceptable. It can spoil a student’s life so, developing an application for school demands a lot of responsibility. In short, Laravel’s testing methods provide flawless applications!

Essential Aspects of the Laravel School Management App

A school management application is quite layered with many departments, courses, assignments, deputies, subject experts, student portal, teacher’s profiles and more. The admin should be able to understand the dashboard to create, edit, update and delete information of any kind.

Following are the main aspects:


The awards and achievements system helps to keep track of the accomplishments of the school, including internal and external. Details of the awards are recorded as per week, month and year. This helps to glorify the school and its students. It also encourages students and teachers to perform their duties well.


The admin can add all information about teachers including creating a new profile, edit, update and delete it. Basic details like their name, phone number, email id, address, etc. are stored here.


Learning material for students as well as teachers are segregated and offered to authenticated users. It is uploaded on the application so, that students can access it. Admins can upload study material in diverse formats including audio, video, text, static pages, etc. Admin can create category to bifurcate and store the learning material.


School activity can be checked in concise reports. Admins can check these reports and forward them to the relevant department. Reports are generated based on particular criteria. Easy to understand reports help school authorities to decide further plan of action.


The planner feature has high importance for a school environment. Planners can be built for teachers, students, non-teaching staff, etc. Admins can design them easily and schedule trainings for teachers and students.


Basically, this feature helps to manage the entire school ecosystem. Whether it’s about managing courses, time tables, teacher’s schedules, exam schedules, extra-curricular activities or more, everything is possible through this feature.


The above discussion showcases all the factors of how Laravel is helpful to build a sustainable school management system. Without an iota of doubt, Laravel suffices all requirements of a sophisticated school application, which helps to connect students, teachers, parents and management. Such applications are required for all kinds of modern schools.

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