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  • Facebook location ad gets the in-store sales reporting

    Friday, Jun 17, 2016 / Facebook / KrishaWeb

    Facebook has introduced the store locator last year. But that functionality is basically developed for the desktop and big screen devices. That offers a terrible experience on the small screen devices. The company has announced a new way to locate your store in the location ads especially for the mobile devices. Though people search online for the products they want, but about 90% of the purchase they made through in-store visits. That is the reason why Facebook is actively targeting offline conversions along with the online sales....

  • Important takeaways from the Apple WWDC 2016

    Tuesday, Jun 14, 2016 / Apple / KrishaWeb

    Right from the latest iOS 10 to the new watchOS 3, the WWDC 2016 event was full of exciting announcements. The company has announced some important software updates in the WWDC Keynotes. Some of the important announcements from WWDC 2016 include the iOS 10, macOS Sierra, new watchOS 3 and tvOS 10. Did you miss the live streaming of the event? Don’t worry. Here we have collected the important announcements from the Apple WWDC 2016....

  • Google introduced Nearby feature for Android users

    Friday, Jun 10, 2016 / Google News / KrishaWeb

    Google has recently announced new Android feature called ‘Nearby’. It is an advanced feature that suggests the apps or website you might be looking for based on your location. Imagine that you are in the Disney World, and you receive a notification of the apps or website related to that location. Or you are visiting a historic museum and you receive an audio tour about the place. Isn’t it great? Well, all these and many more things like this are now possible with the Google’s latest feature ‘Nearby’. It works like a virtual assistance in your device. It fetches your location, sees the world around you and offers you the options to get better real world experience....

  • Five tips to choose right outsourcing partner

    Thursday, Jun 09, 2016 / Web Development / KrishaWeb

    KrishaWeb Technologies is a full service digital outsourcing agency. We have our client base from all across the globe. We are strategic partners of many web agencies from across the world. Getting outsourcing web development project is never an easy task. We have learned lots of things working with our clients over the years. Here I have discussed five points that will help web agencies to find the right outsourcing partner for their business. If you are an outsourcing vendor like us, these points will help you close more outsourcing deals....

  • Google launched free website performance analysis tool

    Friday, Jun 03, 2016 / Google News / KrishaWeb

    Mobile friendliness and user experience is the most important aspect determining the website performance on the web. Google has recently launched a new tool that lets you test your website performance across the mobile and desktop device. According to Google, nine out of ten users leave your mobile site if they don’t find what they are looking for right away. If you have a business website that isn’t mobile optimized, imagine how big opportunity you are missing out. Google has introduced this new tool to help webmasters dealing with the website mobile friendliness and speed issues....

  • Optimized coding is the new age development trick

    Wednesday, Jun 01, 2016 / Web Development / KrishaWeb

    No matter you are working on a small website or on a huge online portal, Optimized code always helps. It is a process that improves the code quality and protects it from the future damage. There are so many techniques of the website code optimization but there is a thumb rule that never changes. ‘Your optimized code must not affect the functionality of the actual code.’ This is the only and most important thing every developer must keep in mind while optimizing already written code. There are several benefits of having optimized code. Here we have discussed six reasons why you should give importance to the code optimization....

  • Google Rich Cards makes searching easier and faster on mobile

    Friday, May 27, 2016 / Google Updates / KrishaWeb

    It’s been nearly six years when Google has introduced the ‘Rich Snippets’. It uses structured mark-up schemas from to display Image, start rating, author mark-up or other information in the search result. The company has decided to take a step forward and introduced ‘Rich Cards’ especially for the mobile searchers. Users will be able to see the new format of the search result for certain search queries. Rich Cards are basically designed to provide a better search experience for the mobile searchers....

  • 11 Photoshop plugins every designer must install

    Thursday, May 26, 2016 / Web Design / KrishaWeb

    Photoshop is the most loved tool among the creative people. But, how if you can enhance the productivity and features of the Photoshop. Adobe Photoshop supports external plugins that enhances its capabilities. Here we have listed the 11 most popular Photoshop extensions that every designer will love to have. These plugins will help you save time and automate the tedious processes. You will be able to work faster and more productively using these amazing extensions of Adobe Photoshop....

  • Announcements from Google I/O 2016

    12 important announcements from Google I/O 2016

    Thursday, May 19, 2016 / Google News / KrishaWeb

    Google was expected to announce what the company is up to do in coming year in I/O 2016. They have not disappointed the community. Google has showcased lots of upcoming software and hardware products. From Google Assistance to Daydream and Google VR headset, Google has shared their future plans with the community. Have you missed the live event? Don’t worry. Here we have covered every important announcement from Google I/O 2016....

  • Instagram unveils new logo and app UI

    Thursday, May 12, 2016 / Instagram / KrishaWeb

    Instagram is approaching the changes thick and fast nowadays. The company has recently introduced the ads on the platform and algorithm based feeds. They are also testing with the business-specific Instagram profiles. But, the company has revealed the biggest change since the evolution of the platform on Wednesday. Instagram has unveiled the new brand logo for the platform and new app interface. Yes, you are reading it right. Forget that old style brown hued camera icon Instagram logo. It is changed now.  ...


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