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  • Instagram introduced new feature called ‘Instagram Stories’

    Thursday, Aug 04, 2016 / Instagram / KrishaWeb

    Instagram Stories contains the same format as the Snapchat stories. Facebook owned photo sharing app has literally cloned the Snapchat stories feature with some improvements and tweaks. Facebook has tried to copy Snapchat multiple times with standalone apps like Poke, Slingshot and Instagram Bolt. But, they failed to attract users to download a standalone app that does same as the Snapchat. So this time, the company has embraced the feature in their successful product Instagram. ‘Instagram Stories’ looks impressive at the first glance....

  • Experts take on Google ranking factor for 2016

    Friday, Jul 29, 2016 / Google Updates / KrishaWeb

    We all know that Google considers more than 200 different ranking signals to rank the website on the SERP. Some of them are less significant or some are highly important. Webmasters have passed years to solve the mystery of the search engine algorithm. Industry experts help us sometimes. Content and Links are the most important ranking factors in 2016. Let’s find out what experts have to say about this....

  • Verizon puts Yahoo’s survival fight to an end

    Thursday, Jul 28, 2016 / Tech News / KrishaWeb

    While this is a sad day for Yahoo - as big as Facebook and Google in its prime - it raises interesting questions about its new owner. What are Verizon's ambitions? Beyond the talk of becoming a global media company, Verizon chief executive Lowell McAdams wants a larger share of the booming digital advertising pie. And he thinks this deal will help him. As a leading US mobile phone network, Verizon already had a wealth of data from smartphone users that it could mine. Its purchase of AOL a year ago for its programmatic advertising technology allowed it to leverage that more effectively. Yahoo, meanwhile, has struggled to build its mobile advertising business. Its appeal is that it has content....

  • 7 tips to drive organic traffic on Instagram

    Friday, Jul 15, 2016 / Instagram / KrishaWeb

    Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms. It has more than 500 million active users. That is really a huge number. When you have such a huge audience on a platform, it provides you enormous opportunity to attract customers to any business. There are several other reasons apart from its huge audience to promote your business on the Instagram. It is a visual marketing platform that lets you present your product creatively to your target audience. According to recent marketing surveys, Instagram generates more quality leads compared to other networks....

  • 5 Logo Design Trends used to redesign MasterCard Logo

    Friday, Jul 15, 2016 / Graphic Design / KrishaWeb

    They have never changed their logo consisting overlapping circles, the comb-like intersection camel case typography, and shadowed white fonts since the last 20 years. Consistent brand is the way banks and credit card companies used to build trust with their customers. Change is a scary thing for such companies. We wondered what makes MasterCard to change its logo. ...

  • Walk-in Interview at KrishaWeb Technologies

    Tuesday, Jul 05, 2016 / Company News / KrishaWeb

    Are you passionate about your career and looking to sharpen your technical skills in a professional environment? KrishaWeb Technologies is giving you an opportunity to work with our fervent team. You can get a wildcard entry in the team of Krishaitians through the walk-in interview scheduled on 9 July 2016. We are looking for the dynamic web talents to join our team. Who knows? You might be the one we have been looking for. Send us your updated resume at and visit our office on the scheduled day for the walk-in interview....

  • Android N officially named as ‘Nougat’

    Friday, Jul 01, 2016 / Google News / KrishaWeb

    Google has first introduced Android N earlier this year. Since Android 1.5, Google follows a unique tradition of naming the latest mobile operating system after a sweet food. It was the first time when Google has asked public to suggest the name for the Android system. Google has asked people to vote for their favorite name for Android N in company’s I/O 2016 developer conference. Millions of users have voted for their favorite name. ‘Nutella’ was among the most favorite among the online community. But, Google has decided to name the latest version of the Android Mobile Operating System ‘Nougat’....

  • Common Ecommerce SEO Errors

    11 Critical Ecommerce SEO Errors You Should Avoid

    Wednesday, Jun 29, 2016 / SEO Tips / KrishaWeb

    No eCommerce site can be perfect especially when it goes live. It requires continuous observation and efforts to create a perfect eCommerce website. Like that SEO of eCommerce store is not an easy task. Webmasters often do silly mistakes that significantly affect the website performance. Today, we have listed 11 common SEO mistakes that every Webmaster must avoid. Avoiding this 11 eCommerce SEO mistake will not only improve the website performance in SERP but it will also help you improve the conversions....

  • Google using RankBrain Machine Learning for all search queries

    Friday, Jun 24, 2016 / Google Updates / KrishaWeb

    Google is using RankBrain machine learning system to every search query they process. Danny Sullivan of SearchEngineLand has recently written an interesting article that declares RankBrain as the third most important ranking signal. Google has announced the Content and the Links as the critical ranking factors a few months back. And now RankBrain is the third most important factor that every Webmaster needs to focus after Content and Links....

  • 7 Tricks To Build Brand Through Social Media

    Wednesday, Jun 22, 2016 / Social Media Marketing / KrishaWeb

    Social Media has just changed the game of online marketing. You can’t beat the online competition using the traditional Internet Marketing and SEO only. You need to stand out from others and think out of the box to grab online attention. Social Media can play a vital role in the success of your marketing efforts. Today we are going to discuss seven ways you can use in different social media platforms to boost your online business in 2016....


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