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  • Wondering about the budget of your website? Options are many!

    Wednesday, Nov 02, 2016 / Web Design / KrishaWeb

    When you plan to build online presence of your business and search for web designing services India and developers you will come to know that each one of them will have varying rates....

  • ready-made template vs custom web design

    Confused What to Select – Template or Custom Web Design? Know the Facts

    Wednesday, Oct 26, 2016 / Web Design / KrishaWeb

    When selecting the right process and tools to promote your online business, there are several options available. The most popular one is developing a website with attractive design. Whether a custom web design or a template which one to select for your website design? It may confuse you! Selecting the right design for your needs is widely determined by the functionalities that you seek. What you want from your website?...

  • 9 Reasons you should start an E-commerce business

    Wednesday, Oct 19, 2016 / Ecommerce solutions / KrishaWeb

    To start with, let’s first understand what e-commerce is. The selling and buying of products and service through an electronic medium like the internet is called e-commerce that means that commerce which is done using electronic channels. This mode of business has evolved over the recent years and has been touching new heights of success....

  • Google developed one Noto font family for all devices and language

    Monday, Oct 17, 2016 / Google News / KrishaWeb

    We all are familiar with the tofu (small blank rectangular boxes) that appears when your device fails to load the font. It is the biggest problem for the designers to develop the font/typography that loads perfectly on every device and language. Google has the answer now. Google has recently introduced new open source font family that works perfectly fine on each device for more than 800 languages....

  • Landing Page Optimization Tips

    7 Landing Page Optimization Tips For Your Website SEO

    Wednesday, Oct 12, 2016 / SEO Tips / KrishaWeb

    So, friends here we would talk about how in seven simple steps you can create a stunning yet optimized landing page that has the potential to drive high-quality organic traffic to your website....

  • Google Launched Pixel, Pixel XL, Google Home and much more

    Wednesday, Oct 05, 2016 / Google News / KrishaWeb

    As everyone was expecting, Google has announced its new smartphone devices Pixel and Pixel XL in the recent hardware event. Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones were the biggest kept secret in past few weeks. Google has demonstrated the capabilities of these smart devices. The company has also introduced some other hardware devices like Google Home, Daydream View VR, Chromecast Ultra and Google WiFi etc. in the event. Let’s have a look over some of the biggest announcements from Google....

  • Understand User Psychology before creating UX

    Understand The User Psychology For Creating Great UX Design

    Wednesday, Sep 28, 2016 / UI UX Design / KrishaWeb

    As per human psychology, different things motivate different users. You need to understand and remove the obstacles between your objectives and your users. You need to understand those techniques and triggers that can act your user’s motivations and can have the potential to create new behaviors....

  • 6 Mistakes of using Google analytics that can cost you dearly

    Wednesday, Sep 21, 2016 / Google Analytics / KrishaWeb

    It is not capable of delivering an amazing degree of data about all the information of your website and its performance. The best part is it is not that complex to learn to use even by a non-technical person....

  • Apple iPhone 7 launch event keynotes

    Thursday, Sep 08, 2016 / Apple / KrishaWeb

    Apple’s media event was held in jam-packed Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco. What a morning it was! As everybody expected Apple introduced two brand new stunning additions to the iPhone family. Apple unveiled iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus and demonstrated how impressive these devices are. Along with the iPhone, Apple has also launched new series of it’s wearable. Apple introduced the Apple watch series 2 with its improved performance and features in the event. The show doesn't end there. Apple has also announced the wireless AirPods and some other software enhancements in the event. Let's have a look over some of the most important announcements from the Apple September 7th media event....

  • Inspiration behind Rio 2016 Summer Olympics logo

    Tuesday, Aug 16, 2016 / Graphic Design / KrishaWeb

    Being local the designers have the remarkable idea of their surroundings. And they just did an immense job by implementing all the natural elements into the logo. Let’s find out the inspiration behind the scene, font, color and challenges that the designers had to suffer for designing the Rio 2016 summer Olympics logo. Here we go…...


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