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  • Android 6.0 Marshmallow is the official Android mobile OS update

    Wednesday, Aug 19, 2015 / Tech News / KrishaWeb

    Google has unveiled the latest version of the Android OS on their developer site and as always they have named it by juicy food candy name. The company has named the latest OS update ‘Android 6.0 Marshmallow’ following the trend of Android 5.0 Lollipop. ...

  • 2015 Twitter #Transparency report

    Wednesday, Aug 12, 2015 / Twitter / KrishaWeb

    Twitter has recently updated the biannual transparency report. The company has added two new sections in form of ‘Trademark notices’ and ‘email privacy’ to expand the scope of report. ...

  • Google Inc. will be one of the many entities under Alphabet Inc.

    Tuesday, Aug 11, 2015 / Google News / KrishaWeb

    Larry Page has announced big news on Monday, 10th August 2015. He declared that the company is changing the operating structure and forming a head company called “Alphabet”. This new structure will invest in the scales of various opportunities inside Google and focused on taking long-term view. Google Inc. is going to be the subsidiary entity of Alphabet Inc. ...

  • Google updated the billing summary and reporting in android AdWords App

    Monday, Aug 10, 2015 / Paid marketing / KrishaWeb

    Google has launched the AdWords App to help Android users to manage their campaign from anywhere using the android device in last March. Android users can make necessary changes in the campaign setting using the AdWords App. The company has made some improvements in the App and updated it with new features to make it more effective. ...

  • Weekly web industry updates – 01st August to 07th August,2015

    Friday, Aug 07, 2015 / Tech News / KrishaWeb

    This week has been pretty exciting for the search marketers. Bing has updated the Bing Ads App. Facebook has launched an exciting feature of Live video streaming. They have also provided the support to provide direct message to users for business pages. Here are the news and updates of the week (01st August to 07th August). ...

  • 7 key features of Laravel 5 PHP framework

    Wednesday, Aug 05, 2015 / Web Development / KrishaWeb

    Laravel is one of the highly used and appreciated coding frameworks by the PHP developers. Developers prefer Laravel over to other frameworks because of the performance, features, scalability it offers. Here we will discuss some exceptional features of Laravel that makes it the PHP Developer’s first choice. ...

  • Cause Marketing – Marketing that looks for the social cause

    Tuesday, Aug 04, 2015 / Advertising and Marketing / KrishaWeb

    Cause marketing is the unique way that can be adopted by any brand to serve the needs of society. It is a kind of marketing efforts that involve corporate marketing efforts into other charitable cause. Here we are going to discuss the basics of Cause Marketing and how it can help your business getting the maximum online exposure. ...

  • Weekly web industry updates – 25th July to 31st July, 2015

    Friday, Jul 31, 2015 / Tech News / KrishaWeb

    Hello everyone! Welcome to another weekly web industry news round up. Today we will discuss some of the latest updates Google AdWords and Local Business presentation. We will also focus on some important announcement of the week (25th July to 31st July) by Microsoft, Twitter and Facebook. ...

  • Key features of Windows 10 operating system

    Thursday, Jul 30, 2015 / Tech News / KrishaWeb

    Microsoft has made an important announcement on July 29. The wait for the system upgrade is over for the windows community now. Microsoft has announced the latest version of the Windows operating system ie. “Windows 10”. Windows 10 is upgraded with tons of new features and updates. ...

  • Google #NoHacked campaign to protect webmasters from Hackers attack

    Wednesday, Jul 29, 2015 / Google News / KrishaWeb

    Google has told the community that ‘Getting Hacked’ is the main concern for the online publishers. According to Google they have noticed a 180 % increase in the number of sites getting hacked over the past year. That is the reason why Google is continuing the #NoHacked campaign to educate webmasters about website hacking issues. ...


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